HCI’s Talent Acquisition Technology Forum was specifically designed to help leaders work together to share best practices and solutions. This event will include ample time for peer-to-peer discussions and feature riveting case studies, networking and interactivity.

2013 saw unprecedented challenges to the talent acquisition function.  As the global economy recovers, businesses struggle to keep pace with continued high unemployment and widening skills gaps. Faced with a barrage of résumés and limited internal resources, the challenge of attracting and identifying the right top talent can be overwhelming. Talent departments need help, and as a result, the value proposition for investing in talent systems has never been greater.  Yet at the current development pace, it might seem technology has changed as soon as a new strategy is implemented.

Leaders want to spend less time fighting fires and more time on strategic initiatives across the HR spectrum.  Many wonder, how have colleagues solved similar issues? What best practices were learned, and what obstacles unearthed?

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