2014 Employee Engagement Conference Virtual Conference

Virtual Conference — July 24–25, 2014

Three Key Employee Engagement Drivers that Promote Increased Performance, Retention, and Organizational Growth

Each year we find the definition of Employee Engagement becoming increasingly more defined. Engagement used to be characterized as employees giving more discretionary time to the organization, but now we look at overall performance and contribution over spending extra time at the office. We all understand the benefits of an engaged workforce, how it can generate innovation, increased performance and organizational growth — but what really drives employee engagement? Which initiatives are most effective and provide the most impressive results? How can organizations connect to the workforce in a meaningful way? Where do you even begin this process?

Presentation Topics

  • Teaching Front Line Managers How to Drive the Brand Promise to the Workforce
  • Promoting and Rewarding Employee Self Driven Career Development
  • Enabling Leaders to Create an Emotional Connection
  • Communicating Organizational Goals that Connect with Employees
  • Creating Emotional Intelligence (EI) that Generates Trust
  • Align and Measure Performance against Organizational Goals with Reward and Recognitions Programs
  • Fast Tracking Internal Mobility: Getting the Critical Enablement and Support that Keeps Pace with Increased Responsibilities
  • Creating Digital and Physical Brand Ambassadors to Connect and Drive Alignment to the Brand
  • New Engagement Fundamentals Critical to Leadership and Development Programs
  • Who’s Your Daddy Now: Engaging the Part Time and Virtual Workforce
  • New Criteria to Make Better Management Hiring Decisions
  • How to Use Employee Data to Quantify and Connect the ROI and Financial Impact of an Engaged Workforce

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