2014 Learning and Leadership Development Virtual Conference

Virtual Conference — September 9–10, 2014

New Learning and Leadership Skill Sets for a Social Economy

As our digital age evolves and becomes even more complex and hurried, the value of learning and leadership development has become critically important to the success and growth of the organization.  Our fast paced and social landscape now calls for new skills and processes in the learning and development of our future leaders and workforce.

How do we build an environment that produces the kind of
learning and development we need for future growth?

New World Leadership Skills

The nature of leadership core competencies and abilities have changed - Leaders with proficiencies in new skills like critical thinking, the ability to drive collaboration, analytics, and social media are the most successful in leading a diverse workforce made up of various cultural backgrounds, new generational workers, and virtual workers.

Whereas past leadership efforts have been all about the individual as a leader, leadership is now about harnessing the collective efforts of a diverse workforce

Finding the right talent and keeping high potentials engaged with a compelling leadership development experience continues to be progressively more challenging now that the game has gotten faster and increasingly complex.

Join us and learn how to:

  1. Indentify right high potentials with competencies in new world skills
  2. Drive trust and transparency with core values that resonate and engage
  3. Develop a leadership experience that produces leaders with the skills to drive the corporate brand and vision, generate collaboration, and sustain future growth
  4. Build a deep talent bench for robust succession planning

Knowledge Management

Our new digital and social environment has brought changes to how we learn, what we learn, and who has the ability and access to learn.  Learning is now a continuous process that has gone global, social, and flat.  Learning leaders now need to allow employees access to knowledge, when they need it, in relevant chunks, no matter where they are on the planet.  We must also find ways to make this content available via new approaches and platforms – finding the right blended learning equation that fits each organization.

How do organizations keep knowledge exchange current with a changing and evolving workforce in an environment that generates massive amounts of data and content?

Join us and learn how to:

  1. Create an environment that supports collaborative and social learning
  2. Revamp your experiential learning process for faster more meaningful results
  3. Connect learning and executive development with business outcomes and employee performance
  4. Determine the right blended learning approach for a scattered and virtual workforce

Knowledge Management has Never Been More Critical

The HCI Learning and Leadership Development conference will demonstrate how companies are creating the conditions and the right environment to solve these problems.  Join us in Boston and get actionable strategies and leading practitioner case studies that will help you navigate future growth of the learning and leadership development function in your organization.

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