Community + Intelligence = Successful Sourcing

Challenge: How can you find the right people today for tomorrow’s success?
Good talent is always hard to find. However, after years of stagnante hiring, the competition for top performers and technical talent is on the rise. Employers worldwide continue to report that a lack of skilled talent and a struggle to fill vacancies negatively impacts their business performance. Companies, from small to global, must create innovative and effective strategies to connect with talent to secure future success.

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Senior Vice President, Human Resources Global Operations, Hewlett-Packard Company
Global Head of Executive Service Programs and Marketing, Philips
Chief Executive Officer, Match Group; Co-Founder and CEO, OkCupid

"We have entered a global economy where talent and skills shortages challenge world economic and business growth around the world."
   — Klaus Schwab, Chairman, World Economic Forum

"Of the 35,000 employers who participated in the 2013 survey, more than one in three reported difficulty filling positions as a result of a lack of suitable candidates; the 35% who report shortages represents the highest proportion since 2007, just prior to the global recession."
   — Manpower Talent Shortage Survey 2013

Solution: Use community intelligence to tackle skilled talent shortages.

Connect with the community. In our current digital world, effective recruiters build the tools and processes to use community knowledge to access the right talent. For example:

  • Use the tools of social media to build communities and networks.
  • Collect, aggregate and analyze data to identify top passive job seekers and identify critical skill gaps.
  • Tap into the internal community for retention and referrals.
  • Understand how the community has determined the brand and use that to an advantage.

Connect intelligently. Most companies are now building their social media strategy, developing their employee brand and collecting more data; however, the winner of the talent wars is who does it best. At the 2014 HCI Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference, we will show you who is most successfully tapping into the right community now, while building a long-term sustainable pipeline.

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