Keeping on top of the latest technologies and trends continues to challenge all key talent acquisition teams. As talent attraction become more competitive, you need to know the latest innovations in mobile,social recruiting and other technologies and techniques to keep you ahead of the curve. To prepare you for 2015, we’ll provide our audience with the latest cases of talent acquisition innovation so you can jump ahead of your competition to find the right people, right now.

We’ve gathered great case-studies around candidate experience, social sourcing and the “right” technology to help you find the right people now.

Meet Our Speakers

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Vice President, Recruitment and HR Operations, Kaiser Permanente
Head of Recruiting, Airbnb
Employer Branding and Digital Recruitment, Ericsson

Innovating the Candidate Experience to Connect with Talent

Candidate experience is of vital importance. Candidates demand an engaging career site to connect with current employees and find out more about the company. While 50%+ of candidates now search for jobs through their mobile devices, they also want to seamlessly apply and connect. How an organization uses technology and process for optimal candidate experience plays a huge role in an organization's ability to attract top talent.

You will learn:

  • How to engage and empower the candidate during each phase of hiring.
  • How to use data analytics to understand and better the candidate experience.
  • How to build candidate communities.
  • How to stay connected when the social media floodgates open.

Creating Best-in-Class Social Sourcing to identify and connect with the right people

It is no secret that social media is a powerful recruiting tool, however, few feel confident in their social media methods. What may be the best tool today, may not be tomorrow's best tool. Join us for both the latest social tools as well as to understand how to keep your social strategy agile.

You will learn:

  • What is the right blend of social recruiting tools—and how to develop an end-to-end strategy.
  • What social recruitment platforms you should put your time and money behind.
  • How to identify the key social recruiting metrics.
  • The best techniques for connecting with passive candidates through social media.

Investing in the Right Technology for better, faster hiring

The true measure of any talent acquisition technology is better hires faster. Every talent department wants an acquisition system that easily integrates into existing systems and automates the entire process. Often a technological promise is better than the actual outcome. Hear innovative case studies on how technology took them to the next level in recruiting.

You will learn:

  • How to use technology as an agent of talent acquisition change.
  • How to take a holistic approach to recruiting to get the most out of your technology and processes.
  • How to use gaming to attract, assess and connect to candidates faster and better.
  • How to build an amazing just-in-time CRM system.
  • How to make your technology reflect your desired customer experience

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