2014 Talent Acquisition Innovation Virtual Forum

Virtual Conference — December 11–12, 2014

Innovative Tools and Techniques to Find the Right People Now.

Keeping on top of the latest technologies and trends continues to challenge all talent acquisition teams. Everyone needs to know the latest innovations in mobile, social recruiting and technology to keep ahead of the curve. To prepare you for 2015, join us as we provide our audience with the latest cutting-edge case studies so you can jump ahead of your competition.  

Key themes covered:

  • Innovating the candidate experience
  • Creating best-in-class social sourcing
  • Investing in the "right" technology
  • and much more

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For additional information, or if you would like assistance with registration, please contact Shane Lennon anytime at 866.538.1909 x1904.

*Please note that not all presenters use slides, or do not give permission to distribute their presentation or video, so we are not able to provide slides and videos for every presenter. Your access to the videos will expire 30 days after they are posted for viewing.