February 10-12, 2014 | Alexandria, VA

2014 Workforce Planning and Analytics Conference

Workforce planning is now essential to organizational success.

Yet so many organizations — perhaps more than 70% - lack a true workforce plan. In most cases, adoption is prevented by internal obstacles. Even when the right data and skills are in place, it can be a struggle to convert those assets into a viable plan.

Almost every organization does conduct some form of workforce planning, like headcount/FTE planning and workforce analysis. They recognize the need to transform that planning. What they may not know is that most barriers are tactical in nature and require small hops and not a big leap.

Now is the best time to start. Make 2014 the year your organization implements a strategic workforce plan.

For the fifth year, Human Capital Institute (HCI) addresses these big questions. The 2014 Workforce Planning and Analytics conference will assemble the smartest planners and most capable doers in one room. For three days we’ll share successes and failures from the most innovative leaders and companies. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, if a beginner or an expert or someone in between, this conference is for you. We’ll learn from each other.

Key issues this conference will address:

Kickstarting Workforce Planning: How do you launch a plan?

  • Leadership understanding and support

The Agile Plan: How do we construct and implement a plan that is both useful now and accounts for variance as time progresses?

  • Strategy-led planning versus data-led planning
  • The importance of role segmentation
  • Accounting for variables in the plan

Data, Skills and Technology: What infrastructure is needed to understand and support today’s workforce needs? Will that suffice for future needs, too?

  • Must-have skills for strategic analysis and meaningful insight
  • Getting the data you need from existing systems
  • Filtering out the ‘noise’ in the data - what questions to ask of your data

Building the Ideal, Balanced Workforce: What external factors must be considered when planning for the future business?

  • Are demographics destiny?
  • The interplay of global mobility and workforce planning
  • Integrating contingent talent

Photos from Last Year's Event

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