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Glint is the people success platform that leverages real-time people data to help global organizations increase employee engagement, develop their people, and improve business results. Leading brands like United Airlines, Intuit, and Sky Media leverage Glint’s unique combination of intuitive design, sophisticated analytics, and actionable intelligence to help make employees happier and more successful at work. For more information, please visit http://www.glintinc.com/.


Appirio is a global cloud services company that helps customers innovate and drive a competitive advantage. As the leader in enterprise crowdsourcing, we deliver unmatched value through a unique cloud services platform that harnesses the power of one of the world’s largest crowdsourcing communities of nearly a million technical experts — a variety of world-class designers, developers, and data scientists.

With thousands of ready-to-deploy assets, and leading cloud, industry, and technical experts, we provide next-generation services and a crowdsourcing platform that delivers unprecedented and demonstrable customer value. 

Culture Amp is Culture Analytics for your company. Surveys and insight for engaged employees. We provide world-class surveys that can be customized to suit your organization. This is combined with a powerful, intuitive dashboard and analytics engine.  You can survey all your employees, parts of your organization, or "pulse" survey different employees in real-time. Metrics and instrumentation for Employee Engagement, Exit, Onboarding, Manager Effectiveness and many more. www.cultureamp.com

Fuel50’s career pathing software is leading the way in the performance conversation revolution.  Performance management is last decade: enter the world of performance enablement. Fuel50’s Leader Coaching portal won BrandonHall Excellence in Online Coaching award in January and their career growth portal allows employees to own their own growth and performance, while delivering leaders unique coaching tools to deliver quality conversations that deliver performance improvements, engagement uplifts and retention gains. Join us for our CareerConversationLab and Cocktail session night to learn more or pick up a copy of The Career Engagement Game at our booth.

Interaction Associates is a 45-year innovator helping global organizations practice conscious collaboration and achieve excellence in a new measure of ROI — Return on Involvement — where employees go “beyond engagement” to share responsibility for business results. We develop  leaders at all levels and focus on building proficiency in collaboration, strategic thinking, and  self-awareness. With offices in Boston and San Francisco, our services include organization-wide consulting and learning solutions. For more info: www.interactionassociates.com

Korn Ferry is the preeminent global people and organizational advisory firm. We help leaders, organizations and societies succeed by releasing the full power and potential of people. Through our Executive Search, Hay Group and Futurestep divisions, we help you align your organization and people; developing, engaging and rewarding them to achieve business success.

About Lee Hecht Harrison (LHH)
Lee Hecht Harrison (www.lhh.com) is the global talent mobility leader. We connect people to jobs through innovative career transition services and help individuals improve performance through career and leadership development. LHH assists organizations in supporting restructuring efforts, developing leaders at all levels, engaging and retaining critical talent, and maintaining productivity through change—helping organizations increase profitability by maximizing their return on investment in developing people, while assisting individuals to achieve their full potential.


Perceptyx specializes in facilitating organizational change through the strategic use of employee surveys and people analytics for the large enterprise. As the people analytics and global survey provider to more than 20% of the Fortune 100, Perceptyx is uniquely positioned to deliver insights across heavily distributed organizations with complex hierarchies - in a way that’s as unique as an organization’s own culture and brand.

Qualtrics is the first and only Employee Experience Management platform that measures employee experiences, in real-time, across the entire employee lifecycle. By automatically prioritizing key drivers of engagement and experience, Qualtrics helps users build strong teams, drive productivity, and reduce unwanted employee attrition. Powered by our predictive intelligence engine, Qualtrics Employee Experience eliminates the need for tedious manual analysis, automatically surfacing deep insights that help organizations make critical HR decisions. By delivering real-time, role-based insights to the right people, managers and leaders can now uncover areas of weakness, take action, and drive critical organizational outcomes. Learn more about our Employee Experience Solutions at qualtrics.com/employee-experience.

Quantum Workplace is an employee feedback software company that helps organizations retain top talent, motivate performance, understand turnover, and build magnetic cultures. Serving 8,700+ organizations annually, the company’s all-in-one platform powers the entire employee experience with employee surveys, peer-to-peer recognition, goal management, 360 feedback, and performance conversations. As the survey partner for America’s Best Places to Work, Quantum Workplace has honored top workplaces for more than a decade. Above all, Quantum Workplace is passionate about making work better every day. For more information, visit www.quantumworkplace.com.

Salesforce, the Customer Success Platform and world's #1 CRM, empowers companies to connect with their customers in a whole new way. For more information about Salesforce (NYSE: CRM), visit: www.salesforce.com.

At TINYpulse, we believe people are the most important asset your organization has. So keeping them happy is just as critical as any other part of your business.

With our pulsing employee engagement surveys, we empower leaders with the real-time information they need to measure employee sentiment and tackle issues as they arise, ensuring an engaged, productive, and committed workforce. And, with our built-in peer-to-peer recognition tool, we help you foster a culture of recognition and appreciation. 

Learn why leaders at over 500 companies in over 30 countries worldwide, including GlaxoSmithKline, Brooks Shoes & Apparel, Living Social, and Airbnb, are using TINYpulse by visiting www.tinypulse.com



Achievers’ mission is to “Change the Way the World Works”. We accomplish this by helping global enterprises to recognize and reward positive employee behaviors on a daily basis, resulting in increased engagement and better business results. With our award-winning technology, unmatched customer service, and industry-leading expertise, Achievers powers the world’s most successful recognition and rewards programs.

Achievers’ cloud-based employee engagement solution enables companies to engage, align and recognize their greatest asset—their employees—driving retention, productivity, customer satisfaction, and other key business outcomes. The platform helps companies cultivate a culture of recognition by reinforcing and rewarding employee achievement and performance

AnyPerk is the fastest growing employee perks and engagement platform in the U.S. We partner with over 3,000 companies of all sizes to offer their employees discounted gym memberships, cell phone plans, movie tickets, travel discounts and hundreds of others. AnyPerk offers a centralized perk management platform to create a seamless experience with your employees. With our 100% referral based program and new perks continually being launched nationwide, AnyPerk delivers the most robust and valuable engagement program in the market today. Come check out how we can help delight your employees!

Avature is a highly configurable enterprise SaaS platform for Talent Acquisition and Talent Management, and the leading provider of CRM technology for recruiting globally. Founded by Dimitri Boylan, co-founder and former CEO of HotJobs.com, Avature brings consumer-grade Internet technology and innovation to HCM software. 
Avature solutions include shared services sourcing, applicant tracking, campus & events recruiting, employee referral management, social on-boarding, branded employee engagement, employee mobility and workforce optimization, and performance management. 
Used by 110 of the Fortune 500 in more than 164 countries and 19 languages. Avature delivers its services from its private cloud, located in data centers in the US, Europe, and Asia and has offices in Buenos Aires, London, Madrid, Melbourne, Munich, New York, Shenzhen and Paris. Learn more at www.avature.net or follow @Avature.



Confirmit helps businesses operationalize feedback to drive change throughout their organizations using the world’s most secure, reliable and scalable solutions for Voice of the Customer, Employee Engagement and Market Research programs. Confirmit’s solutions enable companies to run feedback and research programs that increase revenue, reduce costs and promote culture change. 

An engaged workforce is at the heart of an engaged customer base. Engaging your workforce is about more than retaining employees and reducing costs. You can drive smarter investments, boost customer loyalty, and increase revenue by understanding what makes employees tick—and by harnessing their insights about your customers.

Confirmit enables you to build a Voice of the Employee program that delivers real, actionable insight and understand how your employees drive customer engagement at every point of the business. You can create a program that meets your company's needs, using whatever engagement methodology works for you, and integrate data from employee feedback surveys with other business and employee information to create a 360 degree view of your employees.

Know where your culture stands this very moment with CulturePulse, the most intuitive and engaging employee survey tool available. The CulturePulse app helps you build a culture of transparency and responsiveness. You’ll unite everyone from Millenials to Boomers around a set of core values that will drive the growth and vitality of your brand. 


Based on organizational psychology principles, CulturePulse delivers personalized insights that inform individual employee behavior – while also providing high-level data that leadership can use to shape more effective internal initiatives and messaging. Elements of fun and curiosity are also part of the app's functionality, promoting maximum participation while the clean user interface delivers minimal impact on employee productivity. 


To learn more about the transformative potential of CulturePulse for your organization, please visit www.culturepulse.io

Data Solutions International (DSI) is a software and services firm providing cost effective solutions to measure, evaluate, and improve employee performance. With over 17 years of experience, using configurable technology and skilled project managers, we deliver sophisticated employee measurement solutions tailored to your business. We offer 360/multi-rater, employee engagement, talent management, and data visualization solutions. Our clients include prestigious consulting organizations, multi-national corporations, and government agencies. To learn more visit www.datasolutionsinc.com or call 952.943.8137.


Today’s training requires up-to-date content that’s instantly accessible across all devices. Inkling’s software solution for learning and development teams meets the demands of the modern workforce, with content that is easily created, shared, and measured. Inkling content is beautiful, intuitive, and interactive; we remove the need for expensive print materials and reduce companies’ dependence on time-consuming classroom training.


This first-of-its-kind software means your content will reach your employees wherever they are, whenever they need access to your information—online or offline. This end-to-end solution enhances and streamlines your training efforts, on a medium that embraces today’s mobile world.

Grow your people. Grow your business.  Grow your bottom line.  Talent moves where it’s appreciated.  But appreciation does more than keep people happy.  It reveals hidden talent and inspires people to grow.  O.C. Tanner is uniquely qualified to help you engage employees in the growth of your business, align what you appreciate with corporate goals and values, and determine your greatest potential for growth.  We start by understanding the possibilities—and then create a solution for you to appreciate people who do great work.  Because celebrating success inspires people to invent, to create, to discover.  And when people are inspired, companies grow.

Learn more at www.octanner.com

Oxygen helps your people. We enable people to work across business functions to delight customers. Oxygen gives teams an alternative to random acts in the workplace: meaningful and tangible business outcomes to work toward, and metrics to know how they’re doing in their work.

Oxygen designs and delivers architected learning experiences that use productivity measures to drive the learning content and outcomes. These productivity measures are based on the CEO’s growth agenda.

We accomplish this by implementing frameworks, systems, and a host of tools on a variety of platforms that disrupt, provoke, and question. We work with you and your team to create performance breakthroughs; the kind that change employees, companies and bottom lines.

Learn more at www.oxygenexp.com.

Known for their award-winning culture and engagement and recognized as a four-time consecutive winner of Great Place to Work’s (placing consistently in the top ten) and ranked second on the 2015 Leadership 500 Excellence Awards, Talent Plus ® is the Leading Talent Assessment PartnerSM in the industry. Talent Plus partners with global leaders, helping them to achieve their business outcomes through developing leadership in their people.


Building cultures of engagement through The Science of Talent ®, our clients are able to select, develop and retain more people like their best across all levels of the organization and experience immediate results, including improved customer satisfaction, increased productivity, reduction in turnover, strengthened employee engagement, sustained excellence and improved profitability. Our process is simple, cost effective and builds world-class cultures of engagement.


People Drive Results. We Know People.


Engage with us today at www.talentplus.com.


BlessingWhite has more than 40 years of experience providing leadership and employee engagement solutions to organizations. We believe that the ultimate goal of leadership is to create an environment where individuals can contribute to organizational goals and achieve personal satisfaction.  When they do this, they are fully engaged and having “more great days at work.”  Our core areas-of-focus include leadership, engagement, career, and coaching and our content is informed by our 40+ years of experience, proprietary research, and extensive work with hundreds of organizations and thousands of leaders.  It is also informed by our partnerships with industry thought leaders and partners including Future Workplace.  Through research and hands-on consulting experience, we have developed proven engagement and leadership content focused on helping individuals enhance their leadership skills.

BlessingWhite provides consulting, processes, tools and training to:

·         Engage employees at all levels to commit, deliver and thrive

·         Support all leaders with development opportunities including leaders of self, frontline leaders, leaders of leaders and executives

·         Develop individuals who can lead through change and inspire innovation

·         Create high-performance cultures that drive bottom-line results and reinforce organizational mission and values

·         Align employee talents with organizational strategy

In October 2012, BlessingWhite became a division of GP Strategies Corporation (NYSE: GPX) a global performance improvement solutions.



Bloomfire exists to organize knowledge and expertise, and make it accessible and shareable with the people that need it most. Our easy-to-use, cloud-based software is used by hundreds of thousands of employees at leading companies for social learning, customer service, sales & marketing alignment. With Bloomfire, collaboration is easier, work gets done more efficiently, and employees and customers are more satisfied. Here are a few ways Bloomfire can help your organization:

•Get employees up to speed quickly with an easy to use interface and custom playlists.

•It’s easy to find exactly what you need with intelligent search and Q&A.

•Give employees an online place to stay connected, share information, create content and interact.

•People can access information wherever they are with robust mobile features.

•Make informed decisions with advanced analytics that track progress, employee engagement, content usage and more.


About Bright Funds


Bright Funds provides an elegant and impactful workplace giving program that brings strategy and focus to company-wide social good activities on a global scale. Bright Funds enables employee donors to choose their cause and give to individual non-profits or exclusively available "Funds” comprised of multiple nonprofits, as well as track and amplify individual and group volunteerism opportunities. In one platform, Bright Funds brings together the power of research, the reliability of a trusted financial service, and the convenience of centralized contributions and company reporting. Employees, recruits, customers, investors, and worthy causes appreciate companies that use Bright Funds for employee-empowered giving.

ContXt is the source for Strategic and Cultural Alignment, translating new strategies, processes and cultures into engaging learning experiences.  Our Engagement Map™ process facilitates understanding and discovery, creating aligned performance.

ContXt Corporation designs learning tools that facilitate discovery through visualization and small group interaction.  We help organizations achieve strategic objectives by translating big concepts – including new strategies, process changes and culture shifts – into engaging learning experiences.  At the end of the day, we help get employees at every level on the same page to achieve strategic objectives.

Find out more – contact us at (419) 873-6670, email at mbeier@contxtcorp.com, or visit us at www.contxtcorp.com

Fierce is a global leadership development and training company that transforms the way companies communicate and connect with their employees and their customers. We partner with our clients to build conversational skills that result in high levels of candor, engagement, innovation, cross-boundary collaboration, and accountability at all levels within the organization.


Glassdoor is one of the largest and fastest growing job sites in the world today. Set apart by the tens of millions of reviews and insights provided by employees and candidates, Glassdoor combines all the jobs with this valuable data to make it easy for people to find a job that is uniquely right for them. As a result, Glassdoor helps employers hire truly informed candidates at scale through effective recruiting solutions like job advertising and employer branding products. Launched in 2008, Glassdoor now has reviews and insights for more than 740,000 companies in more than 190 countries. For labor market trends and analysis, visit Glassdoor Economic Research. For company news and career advice and tips, visit the Glassdoor Blog and for employer-related news and insights to help employers hire, visit the Glassdoor for Employers Blog. Visit Glassdoor.com or download our apps on iOS and Android platforms.

Glassdoor® is a registered trademark of Glassdoor, Inc

McLean & Company is a research and advisory firm providing practical solutions to Human Resources challenges through executable tools and advice that have a clear and measurable impact on your business.

We provide our members with best practice research, advisory, and comprehensive diagnostic programs, including new hire, exit, and employee engagement surveys.We bring real-world experience to solve HR challenges faced by our network of 30,000+ organizations.Learn more at www.mcleanco.com



Leading organizations the world over choose to partner with Mercer | Sirota for their organizational assessments and employee survey programs.  Our client partnership approach, action orientation, long term perspective, and thought leadership produce a superior client experience and clear business results.  To learn more about how we find the people solutions to today’s complex business problems, please visit us at www.mercer.com/sirota.


The movecoach digital platform engages employees to more activity in a global movement challenge.  Employees set a personal goal, join an office team, receive feedback and analysis, and earn rewards for their active accomplishments.  Participants track with iPhone, Android, Fitbit, Jawbone, Garmin and other tracking apps which allows the movecoach engine to analyze progress, provide feedback, and ultimately create a personalized roadmap to successful activity. The program follows the National Institute of Health’s behavioral change methodology and is socialized as an employee-driven engagement.   Customers include globally-minded companies that value a healthy work force such as salesforce.com, LinkedIn, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Calpine and others.

Nextinit is an ideation and innovation management platform that uses crowdfunding principles to maximize employees and stakeholders engagement.  It’s collective intelligence mechanism act as a tool for medium and large organizations to find new solutions, drive innovation and improve collaboration across departments. Nextinit is a SaaS platform, fully integrated with the leading business social networks, (Chatter, Yammer, Google+,etc), secure, scalable and easy to deploy. Its available both in web and mobile versions allowing the creation of ideas ‘on the go’.

Trusted by several Fortune 500 companies around the world, it offers a real solution to keep employees engaged in trying to solve company’s challenges.

PeopleFirm is a consulting firm dedicated to helping you achieve a competitive advantage through your people.  We focus on both strategy and execution — and effective tools, measurable outcomes, and getting your people out of their seats and engaged in your company’s growth.

As experts in the people space, we have observed many traditional engagement survey programs fail. The very act of measuring backfires when nothing worthwhile changes from employee feedback.  PeopleFirm’s ACTIVEnagagement™ program ends that vicious cycle by keeping you tuned in to where and when your people are talking —and responsive to their ideas.  Your people = your success.

Questback is a global leader in enterprise feedback management solutions with more than 5,000 customers in over 50 countries worldwide. With Fortune 100 and 500 clients, Questback solutions enable enterprises to gather, analyze, and act on business-critical information, increasing shareholder value through improved organizational effectiveness and top-line growth.

A powerful, person-based technology, Questback’s employee engagement solution allows companies to capture comprehensive insight from employees throughout the employee journey, fostering productivity, leadership development, retention, and talent acquisition.

The power of Questback solutions stem from an inherent focus on people. As industries transform around people processes, melding historically separate disciplines together, Questback solutions are prepared to deliver a complete, strategic view of enterprise interactions with people and its impact on customer experience, competitive advantage, product development, market adoption, and shareholder value. People Matter. Get Their Insight.

Learn more at www.questback.com.


organizations use Reflektive’s people management platform to drive employee performance and development with Real-Time Feedback, Recognition, Check-Ins, Goal Management, Performance Reviews, 1-on-1 Profiles, and Analytics. Reflektive’s more than 500 customers include Blue Origin, Comcast, Instacart, Dollar Shave Club, Healthgrades, Wavemaker Global, and Protective Life. Backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and TPG Growth, Reflektive has raised more than $100 million to date, and was ranked the 13th Fastest Growing Company in North America on Deloitte’s 2018 Technology Fast 500™. 

Would your employees say their work environments are as engaging as they could or should be?  Do your leaders see your survey initiative as valuable feedback and as a critical component in achieving or exceeding their business goals and objectives?  Or, do they think it is just another HR activity or corporate exercise?

At TNS Employee Insights, we take a holistic approach to employee engagement, which begins before any survey, and going forward, becomes a vital characteristic of your culture and day-to-day operations.  We see engagement as a continuum, designing our solutions to each client’s needs.

We are a leader in survey innovation, custom and interactive reporting, and action planning that works. Surveying over 2 million employees a year, we develop client relationships that last.  

Towers Watson (NASDAQ: TW) is a leading global professional services company that helps organizations improve performance through effective people, risk and financial management. With 15,000 associates around the world, the company offers consulting, technology and solutions in the areas of benefits, talent management, rewards, and risk and capital management. Learn more at towerswatson.com.

Virgin Pulse, the leading provider of technology solutions that promote employee engagement and wellbeing and part of Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, helps employers create workforces that are happier, healthier and ultimately more productive. The company’s modern, mobile first platform delivers a personalized user experience that utilizes gamification to engage users in building habits that inspire meaningful and measurable change across individuals and the businesses they serve.  By helping employees thrive at work and in all aspects of life, Virgin Pulse is helping change lives and businesses around the world for good. More than 2,500 global organizations representing many of the Fortune 500 and Best Places to Work, have selected Virgin Pulse’s solutions to engage their workforces and drive their businesses forward.