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Creating a Culture of Accountability,
Growth and Connection

The last few years of surveys and research have determined the most effective ways to increase employee engagement are through:
  • Manager accountability and senior executive buy-in for engagement.
  • Developing employee skills and career paths.
  • A trusting and sincere connection to senior leaders and direct supervisors.
To achieve real employee engagement HR must develop, equip and empower managers with the right tools to translate the corporate vision into day-to-day business practices - helping individuals understand the value of their role in achieving organizational goals.

Meet Our Speakers

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Senior Vice President, Talent & Organization, Hulu
Vice President of Organization Effectiveness, NetApp
Director, People Learning and Engagement, Clif Bar & Company

Why You Need This Conference

We will address the 5 top obstacles to improving Employee Engagement

1. Lack of a clear employee engagement strategy.
This conference will demonstrate how to focus resources on the initiatives that generate true change and dramatic impact.  Case studies from top organizations will define what works and how to manage implementation, processes, and transformation.

2. Lack of consistent buy-in and accountability among middle managers who may also not be engaged.
Presenters will focus on driving accountability, identifying the right managers as “mulitpliers,” and how to motivate managers & senior level executives to buy-in for engagement initiatives. Learn the strategies and best practices in creating positive accountability and motivation as part of a Manager’s DNA.

3. No clear owner leading the effort.
Attendees will learn how to deploy effective coaching and communication strategies for managers and senior level executives that encourage them to step up and take responsibility for real dialogue and a connection with the workforce.  Learn how to establish a clear understanding that HR is a supportive player in the engagement game.

4. Limited funding to support employee engagement efforts.
Many initiatives involve collaboration, cross-functional teaming and other programs that increase engagement and innovation at little to no cost.  We will highlight the most effective and low cost programs that deliver the biggest bang to engagement for achieving organizational goals.

5. Senior management has not identified employee engagement as a priority.
We will present the business case for engagement outlining the returns in productivity, turn-over, innovation and customer service.  Attendees will learn how to present the business case for engagement initiatives, positioning them as an investment in the sustainability and overall success of the organization

You will learn:

  • What are the newest and most effective programs for engagement and retention
  • How to train and coach managers to successfully drive engagement daily
  • How to create and influence a culture of “multipliers” with new manager criteria
  • How to communicate organizational goals that connect with employees
  • How to create trust and transparency as part of your organizational culture
  • How to achieve buy-in from leadership and acceptance of engagement strategies as an effective business investment
  • How to use engagement to drive increased inclusion and diversity



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