Maximize Your Influence: Mastering a New Approach to Engagement and Development

Organizations across the globe are all facing a similar challenge: shifting demographics coupled with a decline in the labor participation rate of prime-age workers is creating fierce competition for talent. Now more than ever, the talent management function is tasked with creating and implementing new and innovative ways to engage the current workforce and deliver development opportunities to make them stay. Top-down engagement strategies have given way to a framework that emphasizes front-line leader accountability and grass-roots initiatives.

Perhaps once viewed as a trend or a passing fad, a focus on employee engagement and development is clearly linked to business results and today's HR leaders cannot rely on the rigid and outdated systems of the past. Join us for this two-day, senior-level event where you will not only add useful strategies to your own toolkit, but walk away with knowledge to inspire and help your people bring big ideas to life. Hear from organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, General Motors, Xerox, Kellogg, and more as they share their path to talent management victory.

Meet Our Speakers

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Global Director of Talent Management and Acquisition, General Motors
Executive Development, Google
Global Head of Talent Management, Bacardi

Top 3 Reasons to Attend:

1. Learn to develop and deploy internal talent

Attendees will learn the new strengths and characteristics to look for when identifying high potentials. You will have the chance to examine effective tools like competency profiles, assessment centers, and talent data to understand how to best identify exceptional high performing leaders in your organization.

2. Learn to engage and retain talent; even in the face of stiff competition

Our practitioners will show you how top organizations build an environment that engages and energizes the entire workforce. You will discover how to transcend boundaries through real connection and emotional intelligence, a bond that helps to foster motivation and commitment in employees from all walks of life.

3. Learn to build a solid leadership pipeline

We will focus on new ideas and ways to think about local and global talent pools, leadership development and succession planning across geographies. Finally see how to develop true leaders who can meet the demands of an uncertain and diverse environment through new advances in training, coaching and remote assignments.

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