2015 Talent Acquisition Innovation Virtual Conference

Virtual Conference — November 4–5, 2015

Actionable Strategies Delivered Right To You!

We wish that everyone could attend in person, but we know that's not always possible. You live in the real world, where sometimes getting out of the office for lunch can be a challenge, never mind traveling out of town. Luckily, you can still get invaluable information remotely by registering for the 2015 Talent Acquisition Innovation Virtual Conference, for when your organization can't afford to have you away from the office. The virtual conference will give you access to the primary sessions and downloads, during the live conference and for 30 days after.

When you attend the 2015 Talent Acquisition Innovation Conference, you make a solid investment in yourself, your organization, and your mission — and it won't take long to realize a return on that investment. You will leave your desk energized and brimming with actionable strategies to create the change you want to see in your organization. Stay where you are and let us deliver the learning and networking right to your desk.

DID YOU KNOW that when you attend the LIVE presentation, (not the OnDemand Keynotes after the conference has ended) you are eligible for recertification credits with HR Certification Institute and SHRM? After you attend, the codes will be sent to you via email, or in your MyHCI profile in the "Events" menu.

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For additional information, or if you would like assistance with registration, please contact Shane Lennon anytime at 866.538.1909 x1904.

*Please note that the conference will happen local to the time-zone where the conference is located. Not all presenters use slides, or do not give permission to distribute their presentation or video, so we are not able to provide slides and videos for every presenter unless permission has been granted. Your access to the videos will expire 30 days after they are posted for viewing.