Driving an Engaged Culture through Leadership Accountability

In an era of greater corporate transparency, workforce mobility, and skills shortages, culture, engagement, and retention have emerged as top issues for business leaders. But these issues do not belong to HR alone.

Almost every survey from Deloitte, Gallup, and others, highlight the high priority of employee engagement for organizations — especially as a CEO pain point. But how much is leadership actively doing to lead this effort? Ultimately culture and employee engagement are a top down effort. Today "buy-in" for engagement initiatives isn’t enough to drive the change needed to drive real commitment and retention in an organization.

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Director of Human Resources at NASA, Johnson Space Center - Houston
CEO and Co-Founder, Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI)
Founder and CEO, The Energy Project and New York Times Best-Selling Author

Engagement values must be "lived" by top management and clearly demonstrated in their behavior. While most leaders are measured on the basis of business results, organizations must begin holding leaders accountable for building a strong and sustaining culture, listening to feedback, and engaging and retaining their teams. Gallup findings indicate that when executive teams are highly engaged, the organization's managers are 39% more likely to be engaged. To sustain an engaged culture, executives and managers must share a vision that incorporates purpose, values, trust, and transparency — and they must live it every day.

It is up to HR to guide, coach, and provide the most effective tools to help leadership drive a value based culture. We must also "set the stage" by developing a workforce that is open, trusting, and directly connected to the success of the organization. Join us in Denver and learn through proven case studies, tools, and valuable resources how to develop engaged leaders and hold them accountable to sincerely connect to the workforce.

Our Four Main Topic Areas Include:

Developing Leaders Who Guide with Coaching Skills

  • Creating Holistic and Sustainable Career Conversations that Engage and Mobilize
  • Learn how NASA trains leaders to be coaches — Hands-on Workshop
  • Improv for Better Communication and Messaging
  • Tools and Resources that Make it Easier for Managers to Take Action

Mindfulness and Life Balance — Creating a Culture of Engagement

  • Optimizing Long-Term Performance Through Mindfulness and Developing Emotional Intelligence
  • Making a Difference: Doing Good and Helping Others as a Retention and Engagement Tool
  • Tearing Down Culture and Rebuilding an Engaged Collective Together

Leadership Accountability

  • Creating Positive Leadership & Improved Engagement
  • Aligning Leadership Behavior and Attitudes to Corporate Values
  • Crucial Steps for Leaders In Building a Culture of Innovation
  • Leading by Example — Living the Culture You Want to Create
  • Driving Business Results through Innovation and Leadership Buy in

Surveys, Metrics, and Analysis to Drive Action, Buy-in, and Performance

  • Using Metrics to Connect and Gain Executive Buy In for Engagement
  • Shared Accountability for Engagement: Aligning the C-Suite around People Data
  • Engaging Leaders who Lead Engagement
  • Driving, Managing & Measuring Employee Engagement During Change
  • Measuring and Driving Culture through Employee and Customer Engagement

Learn from your Peers

Learn from your Peers

  • Interactive sessions with clear take-aways
  • Opportunities for networking with practitioners, thought-leaders and authors
  • Hear from top organizations with challenges just like yours

Learn from your Peers

Stay Ahead of the Trends

  • Discover the newest strategies in talent management and HR in an accessible and meaningful way
  • Tips/tools to address issues in all steps of your process
  • Learn the next big change to transform your organization

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