Agile Talent Strategies for Managing Change and Shifting Priorities

Business agility is the ability to quickly read and act on signals of change by adapting goods and services to meet new customer demands. To support this agile state, organizations must be really good at continuously testing and learning how to do new things through systems that are adaptive and flexible.

Agile organizations have found ways to quickly and regularly experiment with products, services, and new processes, while discarding many long held business strategies that were originally conceived in anticipation of a stable and non-volatile environment. HR must now step up and lead the organization through unpredictable and changeable times. Successful HR leaders who provide meaningful collaboration, quick development of workforce skills, and the correct identification of future leaders, create a competitive advantage by aligning these agile processes to shifting business goals

Current processes are not able to keep up with the pace of change in business.
How do you compete in markets that won’t stand still?

The 2016 Summit will help guide HCI members through this critical HR transformation by sharing best practices, tools, programs, and platforms to implement agile practices.

Tremendous success can be found with a simple change or a new approach – if agility is a new concept to your organization, you’ll still reap the benefits by introducing even a single process to your talent strategy.

Is your talent management strategy adaptable enough to quickly switch gears as business conditions change? In just two days you will learn how key agile practices can help develop your workforce to fill talent gaps, provide a collaborative platform for driving innovation, and better align your initiatives to business goals.

Meet Our Speakers

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Chief People Officer, Atlassian
Senior Director, Strategy, Change and Communications, Walmart
Former President of Entertainment & Devices And Chief Xbox Officer, Microsoft

Learn from your Peers

Learn from your Peers

  • Interactive sessions with clear take-aways
  • Opportunities for networking with practitioners, thought-leaders and authors
  • Hear from top organizations with challenges just like yours

Learn from your Peers

Stay Ahead of the Trends

  • Discover the newest strategies in talent management and HR in an accessible and meaningful way
  • Tips/tools to address issues in all steps of your process
  • Learn the next big change to transform your organization

Attend this Conference to Learn:

  • How to increase organizational performance through agile learning programs that rapidly develop “time-to-proficiency” in workforce skills and capabilities
  • What’s required to build a deep talent bench for robust and agile succession planning
  • How to capitalize on rapidly changing business environments to drive engagement
  • How to develop managers to focus on flexibility, speed, and changing goals
  • To implement project based cross-functional teams for collaboration, innovation, and efficiency
  • Ways to transform performance reviews to allow for real-time employee development
  • Keys to create strong external employment branding that attract agile and specialized candidates
  • To create programs that measure and reward agility based behavior
  • How to leverage integrated talent management technology to help, not hinder, talent acquisition
  • How to use new data measurements to determine current and future hotspots
  • How to facilitate and manage change within the organization

Who Should Attend:

  • Chief Talent Officer
  • Chief People Officer
  • Chief Human Resource Officer
  • SVP, VP, and Directors of:
    • HR
    • Talent Management
    • Talent Acquisition
    • Organizational Development
    • Learning and Development
    • Global Talent Development
    • Organization Effectiveness
    • Workforce Development
    • Employee Engagement/ Corporate Communications
    • Corporate Culture

Make plans now to bring your HR team to New Orleans in 2016 for our next HCI Human Capital Summit.

Photos from Last Year's Event