Business-Centric Learning & Leadership Development

HCI has developed hundreds of events over the years; some of the factors we look at in programming our conferences include trends, market conditions, pain points and the rate of change in our industry. In the past there were times when the industry became quiet, (you remember), and the challenge was to keep things fresh year after year. Those days are gone. Forever. Suddenly we find ourselves in the midst of a whirlwind of change where everything we were taught, everything we’ve thought, everything we’ve done in the past is no longer stable, reliable, or relevant.

One thing is certain, in disruptive times organizations are now dependent on new processes and models of learning and leadership development to innovate and grow.

By aligning learning and leadership development initiatives with business goals, we can achieve a direct and measurable impact on the business. We believe this should be the primary objective of organizational learning and development.

Providing skills, development, and training to help engagement and retention is the right thing to do, but this only provides an indirect impact on business through a margin of increased performance. It is HCI's position that learner-centric programs are important, but the contribution to business goals should be the priority.

Your Business Needs Help — Now

Designing learning and leadership programs around supporting business alignment may include goals such as new product innovation, decreasing operating costs, improving customer satisfaction, or increasing revenue. This direct focus on the bottom line is a stark differentiator between businesses that struggle verses those who are truly succeeding.

What Supports Business-centric Learning and Leadership Development? It’s is a focus on:

  1. Driving Business Results and Innovation Through New Learning Design and Structure
  2. Leadership Agility: Growing Leaders Who Grow the Business
  3. Coaching For Performance

Driving Business Results and Innovation Through New Learning Design and Structure

  • Using the Collective Intelligence at Hand: Creating Diverse Teams Dedicated to Innovation and Solving Business Issues
  • Executive Development Programs that Grow Technologists at Scale
  • Agile Learning Initiatives that Take Aim on Business Goals — A Laser Focus on Measurably Supporting the Organization
  • Agile Knowledge Management: Creating a Culture of Sharing and Learning
  • Recognition Strategies for Mapping Learning to Business Results
  • Incorporating Innovation into the Fabric of the Learning Function

Leadership Agility: Growing Leaders Who Grow the Business

  • Collective Leadership — The Future of Organizational Guidance
  • Identifying High Potentials and Leadership through Diversity and Inclusion
  • More Vodka Please: Designing an Agile Team Experience that Allows for a Fast Paced, Risk-Taking Evaluation Processes
  • Developing Critical Thinking and EQ in Leaders
  • How to Link Competencies to Business Strategy
  • Questions for Leadership that Break Down Barriers and Encourage Transformational Change

Coaching For Performance

  • Coaching Managers and Leaders to Drive Engagement, Productivity and Connection with their Reports
  • Kill the Annual Review: Swapping Tense Conversations with Supportive Coaching Chats
  • Leadership Coaching for Change and Business Alignment
  • Managing Change for HR Executives
  • Effective Coaching that Bridges the Gap between Management and Leadership
  • Helping Managers Uncover their Fundamental Motivations for Coaching

Learn from your Peers

Learn from your Peers

  • Interactive sessions with clear take-aways
  • Opportunities for networking with practitioners, thought-leaders and authors
  • Hear from top organizations with challenges just like yours

Learn from your Peers

Stay Ahead of the Trends

  • Discover the newest strategies in talent management and HR in an accessible and meaningful way
  • Tips/tools to address issues in all steps of your process
  • Learn the next big change to transform your organization

Blog from Last Year's Event

These speakers shared great strategies and stories about how to maintain a competitive advantage through developing healthy and forward thinking learning cultures.

— Moira van den Akker, Marketing Specialist at Learnkit

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