June 27-28, 2016 | New York City, NY

Please note that the times reflected in this agenda are listed in the time-zone where the event takes place.
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Monday, June 27, 2016

11:00-4:00 PM


12:45-2:00 PM
Mark Hacker, HCI Faculty
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Today’s business climate and priorities seldom follow the annual evaluation cycle. Goals shift, strategies evolve, and employees often switch between multiple projects under various team leaders.  The current trend toward agile performance management is designed for the new world of work, it shifts the focus from annual evaluation and rankings to continuous feedback and development. It is simply more collaborative, efficient and engaging. To this end, HCI has developed a new model to reenergize stale performance management practices.   

In this workshop, conducted by HCI faculty Mark Harker, you will learn:

  • The current nature of work and its impact on talent management.
  • How the world of work needs to adjust to the VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) world.
  • What does it mean to be agile? How do you define agile, and how do you achieve it?
  • How to differentiate between traditional performance management methodologies and agile performance management.
  • How to evaluate your organization’s agility scale in order to determine next steps. You’ll take a self-assessment so you know where your company is on the traditional-transitional-agile scale.
  • The basics of the HCI Agile Performance Management Model and HCI point-of-view around the six major components:
    • Strengths-based development
    • Agile goal setting
    • Effective, continuous feedback
    • Coaching for performance
    • Rewards and compensation
    • Social recognition
2:00-2:20 PM


2:20-3:30 PM
Elizabeth Blencoe, Director of Enterprise Compensation & Performance Management, T-Mobile
Melissa Davis, Senior Director, Leadership & Organization Development, T-Mobile
Rhoda Milam, Director, HR, HRBPs, T-Mobile
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Talent management leaders at T-Mobile knew they needed a more streamlined approach to performance management to support the transformation of a fast paced business intending to grow at lightning speed. The resulting approach, AMP, deconstructed and broke out of the traditional modes of performance management and shifted to a focus on the aspects that make the biggest impact on employee development and performance. In this interactive workshop, three talent management leaders at T-Mobile share their strategies and tips to better align the employer-employee relationship through ongoing feedback.

You will learn:

  • Making PM more collaborative, social, and faster moving
  • Learning the benefits of ongoing feedback
  • Ensuring  ongoing feedback is a component of your performance management approach
  • Equipping managers to provide ongoing feedback
3:30-3:45 PM


3:45-4:45 PM

Master Class:

Coaching for Performance

Jennifer Long, President, Management: Possible®
Chuck Longacre, Manager Performance Coaching, Newport News Shipbuilding
Scott Millar, VP Human Resources, Canon USA
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This session will discuss how coaching has become more deeply integrated into the organizational learning and development landscape while providing specific models that organizations are using to drive higher levels of performance capability and success. The workshop will discuss:


  • The difference between performance management and coaching
  • How coaching can elevate employees, managers and leaders to higher levels of performance
  • How to support managers as coaches – leveraging managers for real performance development
  • Linking coaching to long-term development
  • Using a multi-model approach – More than a tool for executives and high potentials.
4:45-6:45 PM

Cocktail Reception

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

7:30-4:00 PM


7:30-8:30 AM


8:30-8:50 AM

Opening Remarks

Bill Craib, SVP, Enterprise Learning
8:50-9:20 AM
David Rock, Ph.D., CEO and Founder, NeuroLeadership Institute
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This opening keynote will address key principles of neuroscience on performance management. David Rock of the NeuroLeadership Institute will share the neuroscientific and psychological research on why so many performance management projects are doomed for failure, then he will provide a practical, twelve-step guide to making positive performance changes.


In this keynote, you’ll learn:

·         How to develop a company-wide growth mindset.

·         How to track and measure growth and development.

·         Immediate ways to embed new habits in managers.


9:20-9:50 AM
Rahul Varma, Chief Learning Officer, Accenture
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Only bold change can disrupt the status quo. For years, global companies used an outdated standard to drive and measure employee performance. Accenture has overhauled the traditional performance management process, scrapping the ratings and rankings widely adopted across industries for generations to develop an unprecedented solution centered on both the individual and the team. After significant investment and experimentation, Accenture is strengthening how it develops and grows its people by enabling them to live the Performance Achievement adventure.

Rahul Varma, Accenture’s chief learning officer, discusses the impact of this major cultural transformation on its 373,000 people around the world – highlighting leading-edge research to chart the journey from focusing on managing performance to achieving it. Varma shares unique insights into Performance Achievement – why it’s important to have a deeper understanding of oneself and better engagement with one’s team, including meaningful conversations and individualized actions to grow.

In this presentation, you will learn:

  • How Performance Achievement is transforming the culture of an organization.
  • Methods for unlocking exceptional team and individual performance by identifying strengths, defining priorities and coaching in the moment.
  • Ways leadership can best align with HR professionals to ensure an effective & rewarding change journey.
9:50-10:20 AM
Julia Smith, Global Head of People Excellence, AIG
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Like most organizations, AIG was not satisfied with how they were managing performance. So they set out on a twelve month journey to learn the science behind why most performance management systems fail. They partnered with some of the greatest minds in the world, from leading consultants to Nobel Prize winning behavioral economists and used this information to completely reinvent performance management at AIG. The result is a quick, interesting and engaging experience that in 10 minutes provides a rich description of an employee and makes it easy to have constructive conversations that drive high performance. Implemented across AIG’s global population and at all levels of the organization, over 95% of employees report that the process is fair, accurate and encouraging and 87% report that the conversation was useful in improving their relationship with their manager. This session will cover what AIG learned on their journey and the details of their revolutionary approach.

During this session attendees will:

  • Hear how AIG reinvented their performance management process to be a quick, interesting and engaging experience for both managers and employees.
  • Explore the role neuro and behavioral sciences play in performance management.
  • Recognize the value in reframing performance reviews as an ongoing employee and manager conversation vs. an annual conversation.
10:20-10:35 PM

Structured Activity Following Keynote:

The Strength-Based Self

Julia Smith, Global Head of People Excellence, AIG
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Participants will have the opportunity to get hands on experience using the AIG Partnering for Success Methodology.   Through a structured activity you will be able to identify your own strengths and weaknesses, as well as, apply the tools on your direct reports to drive better conversations and improved performance.

10:35-11:20 AM

Networking Break

11:20-12:00 PM
Lyndsey Hannigan, Manager, Talent Development, DigitalOcean
Matt Hoffman, VP of People, DigitalOcean
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Surviving the pressures of rapid growth as an early-stage, venture-backed tech startup in New York City is one thing …  remaining on the cutting edge of innovation as a People Org while doubling in size over a calendar year is another story altogether. Learn from people leaders at one of New York's hottest tech startups as they give us the inside scoop on how they've built an always-on feedback culture and grown a deliberately developmental organization from the ground up, and why that's been such an important catalyst for the rapid growth and success of DigitalOcean.

12:00-12:40 PM
Swati Goel-Patel, ​Director, Human Resources, PURE Group of Insurance Companies
Liz Hall, Vice President of People, Trello
Allison McMurray, Global Director, Talent Management, Red Hat
Mark Hacker, HCI Faculty
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Not every organization is ready for the performance management revolution. In this session, attendees have the opportunity to learn more about the practical "how-to" of evolving performance management. During the session, panelists from diverse organizations will share the details of what they were able to change internally and what they weren’t.  After this session, attendees are welcome to join individual panelists for lunch to discuss in smaller groups the various key components of performance management agility.

In this discussion, you will learn:

  • To eliminate the desire for a single best practice.
  • Examples of what has worked in various corporate cultures.
  • How different company cultures prioritize what they can change and what they can’t.
  • How revamping parts of the PM process enhanced engagement, performance, and development.
12:40-1:40 PM


1:40-2:10 PM
Julie Gravallese, Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, The MITRE Corporation
Dan L. Ward, Chief Workforce Economist, The MITRE Corporation
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In 2014, The MITRE Corporation eliminated traditional performance management ranking/rating processes. Modeling the approach of other pioneering organizations, MITRE moved from a traditional performance management/pay for performance approach to a neuroscience-based process for continuous feedback, with a focus on developmental coaching.

During our benchmarking process, we noticed most early adopters used approaches similar for feedback and development. Some adopters were experiencing problems because they continued using traditional ranking processes for merit budget allocation.

Here at MITRE, we realized it would defeat the point of getting away from performance feedback rankings/rating if we didn’t address the compensation component. When we re-engineered performance, we also broke the mold on how to handle compensation.

MITRE’s 7,500 employees are mostly scientists and engineers.  Few companies have a better educated-- or a more skeptical!--workforce. Yet, our new CLEAR Conversations approach to performance engagement is working.

In this joint presentation, you will learn:

  • How MITRE replaced traditional rankings with a growth and development mindset – Communicate, Learn, Evolve and Achieve Results (CLEAR Communications)
  • Why Pay for Value is superior to Pay for Performance
  • How to align compensation with industry benchmarks
  • How to discuss and evaluate individual performance in regard to roles, results and behaviors
  • How to communicate the true market value of work.
2:10-2:25 PM

Roundtable Discussion Following Keynote:

How to Break the Mold

Julie Gravallese, Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, The MITRE Corporation
Dan L. Ward, Chief Workforce Economist, The MITRE Corporation
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  • Share barriers to change and opportunities for change management
2:25-3:05 PM
Gemma Bellante, Business Operations Manager, Brookfield Multiplex
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This talk will look at how the construction company Brookfield Multiplex implemented employee collaboration across their business which, with the company's fast and rapid growth in recent years, ensured intelligent networks and connections were established between employees across the organization. Brookfield Mulitplex is using Artificial Intelligence to create agile networks and has found ways to utilize gamification to engage a dispersed workforce and employee peer-to-peer ratings and rewards to encourage adoption. During this talk, Business Operations Manager Gemma Bellante will share the company's lessons from implementation to the ROI they've seen since deployment.

In this keynote, you'll learn about:

  • The alternative to social-based collaboration.
  • The business case for collaboration.
  • Top tips on engaging employee collaboration with peer-to-peer ratings.
3:05-3:50 PM

Networking Break

3:50-4:20 PM
Brooke Orr, Director of Global Talent & Development, The Coca-Cola Company
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As you prepare for your performance management journey, how will you substantiate your business case and the impact of your modern approach? Coca-cola will share their data behind the business case, what data points created traction for change, and how they built better measurement into their new approach.


In this keynote session, you will learn

  • How to build a data-oriented case for change
  • How to build good data and measurement into overall design
  • How you should listen to your data to refine your approach
  • How to make sure you are asking the right questions so you can develop the right measurements
4:20-4:50 PM
Nate McMahon, Senior Vice President of People and Technology, The Motley Fool
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The core values of smart and quirky multimedia financial-services company, The Motley Fool, are summed up by an engaging list:  collaborative, innovative, fun, honest, competitive, and motley.  Therefore it is no surprise that they tossed out their formal performance review process years ago. In it's place they are continually thinking about how to make employee development more efficient and meaningful for employees and employers alike. Hear from Senior Vice President of People and Technology Nate McMahon on their latest experiment on mixing feedback and coaching. You'll hear their strategies to get peers to inspire, managers to engage, and talent to thrive. Nate will share his team's successes so you are equipped to inspire your people tomorrow.