Talent Strategies that Thrive

The ability to dynamically respond to new information and insights, while being supported by key stakeholders across the organization, provides a competitive advantage in today’s rapidly changing business environment. When enhanced by data analytics, thoughtfully integrated workforce planning can deliver meaningful results across recruiting, learning, development, and leadership. In today’s aggressive business climate, you need adept workforce planning and analytics to both survive and thrive.

The 2016 Workforce Planning & Analytics Conference gathers the smartest planners and most capable doers to help you start, embed, and sustain an agile talent strategy that fits your organization. For three days our speakers will present on how companies are continuously refining their workforce plans, using analytics to make better, more nimble talent decisions, and embedding the right cross-functional knowledge and partnerships.

Meet Our Speakers

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Vice President of People, Places and Security, Jawbone
Workforce Analytics and Planning Consultant, The Clorox Company
Director, Workforce Analytics, Gap Inc.


Learn from your Peers

Learn from your Peers

  • Interactive sessions with clear take-aways
  • Opportunities for networking with practitioners, thought-leaders and authors
  • Hear from top organizations with challenges just like yours

Learn from your Peers

Stay Ahead of the Trends

  • Discover the newest strategies in talent management and HR in an accessible and meaningful way
  • Tips/tools to address issues in all steps of your process
  • Learn the next big change to transform your organization

Attend this conference to:

Align on business priorities for competitive advantage

  • Understand the external megatrends that affect the business, people, and planning
  • Bypass inertia to start and sustainable workforce planning
  • Align talent management pipelines with future business objectives
  • Build a strong internal talent pool that can nimbly react to a rapidly changing business environment
  • Enhance business alignment through your build, borrow, buy strategies

Analyze your current and future talent strategy to stay informed and agile

  • Using analytics to become a true business partner
  • Account for numerous variables in your workforce plan
  • Understand strategy-led planning versus data-led planning
  • Use analytics to make continuously informed decisions
  • Use predictive analytics to plan for multiple futures

Integrate the right cross-functional knowledge and partnerships in HR and beyond

  • Create a stronger connection with talent acquisition to find the right people
  • Complete the loop: Connect with training, learning and development to grow skills required to meet future changes
  • Prepare for a retiring workforce through efficient succession planning
  • Enable strategic workforce planning to be the HR integrator and the catalyst for change

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