2017 Human Capital Summit

We are excited to announce the dates and location for the upcoming Human Capital Summit! More info coming soon!

Enjoy these presentations from last year's event!

Building a Culture Around Agility

How do you preserve the characteristics that make your organization great in the face of drastic, continuous change? How do you sustain engagement and cultural continuity when you’re hiring masses of new talent every year? In this HCI Keynote video, Jeff Diana, Chief People Officer of Atlassian, describes how this global software company sustains and nourishes its award-winning values-based culture.

When Everyone Wants Change But Nobody Wants to Change

The ability to adapt to change will be the most important competitive advantage for many companies in the future. So how do you prepare your organization not only for the changes it must absorb at any given moment in time, but make it more change agile altogether? In this HCI Keynote video, Jane Behrends, Senior Director of Strategy, Change and Communications at Walmart, shares her experiences managing change during the implementation of the Workplace@Walmart initiative.

Misconceptions of Agility and Talent Ecosystems

“Agility”—the buzzword is everywhere, but it is widely misunderstood. In this HCI Keynote video, Christopher Worley, academic and co-author of The Agility Factor discusses definition, strategy, and design surrounding organizational agility in talent ecosystems.