Feedforward, not Feedback

The traditional performance management system, entrenched in an annual cycle, emphasizes past, rather than future performance. By focusing on past results, traditional appraisals aren’t improving current performance and developing talent for the future.

It is not surprising many companies are abandoning the static appraisal model in favor of systems that are more dynamic and favors constant, future learning.

Join HCI and other leading organizations to hear the myriad of ways that companies are scrapping their annual evaluation cycle and replacing it with clarity on goal setting, coaching, and providing more continuous feedback. In addition, you’ll learn how to engage senior leaders and front line managers to make sure you have a sustainable process in place.

Topics to be covered:

  • Coaching
  • Engagement
  • Goal setting
  • Continuous feedback
  • Strengths based development
  • Reward/Recognition
  • Front line leader development
  • Change management
  • Decoupling compensation from the performance process

Meet Our Speakers

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CEO and Founder, NeuroLeadership Institute
Clinical Associate Professor, Leadership and Human Capital Management, New York University; Editor, People + Strategy
Senior Vice President of Leadership and Team Intelligence, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Micro Workgroups Available on the Following Topics:

  • More Tactics for a Growth Mindset
  • The Technology of Scale
  • Revolution in Performance Management on the Retail Floor
  • Techniques of Change Management
  • Defining Performance Management Purpose
  • Nuts of Bolts of Decoupling Compensation
  • Shifting Toward a Forward Thinking Mind-Set
  • Uncover Employees’ Strongest Motivation


Enjoy these presentations from Coca-Cola, T-Mobile, and Accenture - featured at this year's event.

Designing for Your Perfect State: Using Data for Change

As you prepare for your performance management journey, how will you substantiate your business case and the impact of your modern approach? Coca-cola shares their data behind the business case, what data points created traction for change, and how they built better measurement into their new approach.

The Performance Achievement Revolution

Accenture is strengthening how it develops and grows its people by enabling them to live the Performance Achievement adventure.Rahul Varma, Accenture’s chief learning officer, discusses the impact of this major cultural transformation on its 373,000 people around the world – highlighting leading-edge research to chart the journey from focusing on managing performance to achieving it.

Master Class: Syncing the Employer-Employee Relationship with Ongoing Feedback

Are your talent management processes designed to cultivate performance and engagement, or are they focused on rigid compliance? In this HCI Keynote video, Elizabeth Blencoe, Melissa Davis, and Rhoda Milam of T-Mobile describe how this leading telecommunications company redesigned and streamlined  its performance management process.


HCI built into the conference a lot of networking opportunities! Great diversity in attendees/industries represented.


I was able to take a lot to help me plan for a reinvention of performance management.


I was very impressed with the speakers' willingness to share their processes and tools!


The content shared was a wealth of information in providing how to enhance Performance Management in organizations. I was pleased with the multitude of approaches presented!