The Collaborative Art and Science
of People Planning

Only 20% of HR practitioners report that their leaders are building talent and people strategies on a foundation of measurable, data-driven insights. Join us for the Workforce Planning & People Analytics Conference to take the guesswork out of planning for your most valuable resource.

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Professor of Economics, Harvard University, and author of “What Works”
Professor of Management, Speaker, Author
Senior Director, Employee Success, Salesforce



The Art
HR is, at its core, a people-centric function. The art of people planning is HR’s ability to cross interdepartmental boundaries in an organization and speak in a multitude of languages. You already know the value of people planning. Become an influencer by communicating this value to the CEO and CFO by speaking their language.

The Science
Effective people planning requires more than intuition. In today’s digital business environment, the amount of data available to business leaders is unprecedented. Likewise, there are more technological solutions than ever before to help you aggregate and curate that data to tell meaningful stories and take action.

The Collaboration 
HR leaders stand at the intersection of the art and science of people planning. They are tasked with translating business goals into measurable HR metrics that can be tracked and analyzed with technology. They are also responsible for translating those metrics into a useful narrative that other business leaders can use to guide future progress. 

At HCI’s 2017 Workforce Planning & People Analytics Conference, discover how leaders across various industries have embraced the role of artist and scientist. You’ll hear stories of organizational transformation and business success, through the lens of effective workforce planning. You’ll experience how data-driven decision-making has changed the way companies do business, and you’ll walk away with knowledge of the latest trends and best practices to begin moving your business into the future.


Topics to be addressed at our 2017 event include:

Engage the business for more holistic people planning

  • Risk - speak the language of the CEO
  • Cost + growth - speak the language of the CFO
  • HRIS architecture - selecting the right technology

Fine-tune the workforce planning process for more accurate futurecasting

  • Segment roles to determine which roles have business priorities
  • Conduct a critical workforce scan to identify trends that affect the business
  • Identify skills gaps to achieve a desired future state

Use predictive analytics to gain deeper insights into your future workforce

  • Address succession gaps
  • Measure attrition and its impact
  • Creating a TA dashboard for better hiring


It was an honor and a privilege to meet and interact with so many of my peers in the industry and I have formed a number of connections which I am confident will be mutually rewarding. The number of people who have reached out in person and through social media to learn more about my presentation and seek guidance is really shocking.


I left the conference feeling inspired.


Some things are important enough to do poorly; start, don’t wait, don’t wait until your data is perfect… try, maybe half of your ideas will fail, but maybe half of them will be home runs!


I was really impressed with the quality of speakers and the audience engagement!


Smarter, faster human capital decisions… that’s our job.


Enjoy these presentations featured at this year's event:

The Bootstrapper's Guide to Building Talent Acquisition Analytics

While HR’s analytics capabilities may have grown as a whole, the talent acquisition function is still trailing in many companies.  In this HCI Keynote video, Kris Dunn founder of Fistful of Talent and The HR Capitalist discusses current trends, challenges, and opportunities in talent acquisition analytics.

Building a Data Democracy at Gap Inc.

Don’t hoard valuable workforce data to yourself; empower business leaders and HR field staff to engage in fact-based decision-making. In this HCI Keynote video, Anthony Walter, Director of Workforce Analytics at Gap Inc. describes how this global organization is transforming its approach to talent analytics.

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