HCI Corporate Membership

Developing the Talent that Develops Your Talent

In a rapidly changing landscape of globalization and technology, the expectations of Talent Executives is increasing - there is a gap, however, in the skills and capabilities of the HR and Talent teams entrusted with their success.

Through our Corporate Membership program, HCI provides organizations with a comprehensive platform for developing their human capital leaders and professionals, better enabling them to tackle today's critical talent management initiatives and preparing them for those that await.

HCI Corporate Membership offers a wide array of development opportunities across all aspects of the talent management lifecycle - strategy, planning, analytics, acquisition, engagement, development, succession, retention and performance management.


HCI’s unique value is threefold:

Open Source

HCI members get access to the world’s best thinking — from the source. We are ‘open source’ by design and belief, we enable our members to benefit from more ideas from more sources than any other resource available today. HCI members have access to new insights and ideas from companies both inside and outside our membership roster, as well as the world’s leading consultancies, technology firms, academics and analysts and thinkers. We provide access to not just our ideas or the ideas of our current members, but the best ideas regardless of where they come.


Whether a member company needs a two-day onsite certification course, a sixty-minute video-based case study from highlighting a leading company’s innovation, a ten-minute executive summary of those insights, or a toolkit to put those ideas into practice, we have it and all on-demand. Modular and Flexible. Our clients buy as much or as little as they need to match their unique needs and interests

  • Formal training and certification
  • Conferences and networking
  • Premium, on-demand mobile content
  • Actionable tools and templates


Every day, fewer and fewer people in your organization learn through the devices and formats of old, whether that is scheduled meetings, long papers or thick books. Instead, they consume on-demand digital information, increasingly on mobile devices. All of HCI’s content, more than 3,000 assets are fully mobile-enabled. The best content from the best companies, on-demand for any device. Remote and field teams can always be connected to the latest insight and content to help them work better, faster, and smarter in the moment.