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Leading companies use talent analytics to support a data-driven decision-making culture. Compare multiple dimensions of talent data and organizational data to see the impact talent solutions have on the organization. Understand how to collect meaningful information, drill down into critical data, and summarize findings to support your next talent decisions.

Analytics for Talent Management (ATM) Certification

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Become a true strategic partner by learning to effectively navigate the world of data and analytics and connect talent management initiatives to bottom-line business impact.

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I Don’t Believe in Predictive Analysis

November 8, 2016 | Ankita Poddar | HCI

Predictive analysis is a miracle cure. At least that is how it is being pitched to and by the HR fraternity. A current talk I attended went as far as to say that if an organization didn’t invest in predictive analysis soon, they are headed to Doomsland. For the uninitiated, predictive analysis is the branch of the analytics used to make predictions about unknown future events. Sounds like magic, doesn’t it?


The Data Squad: Building People Analytics Capabilities 

October 27, 2016 | Jenna Filipkowski | Human Capital Institute

People analytics is the process of using data to measure, predict, and influence the most business-relevant human capital outcomes such as turnover, engagement, and selection. Although the majority of the HR respondents we surveyed report ...

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Analytics for Talent Management (ATM) Certification

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HCI’s Analytics for Talent Management course addresses the most common challenge faced by HR leaders when it comes to data and analytics—HR departments lack the skillsets necessary to truly leverage data to make decisions. This 2-day interactive training will arm you with the terminology, skills and knowledge necessary to turn data into a compelling narrative and handle common objections to HR data findings.

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Analytics for Talent Management (ATM) Certification

Become a true strategic partner.

Learn how to leverage data and analytics to make strategic talent decisions.

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