Alex Goryachev

Head of Innovation Strategy and Programs, Cisco Corporate Strategic Innovation Group

Alex Goryachev is an entrepreneurial go-getter. He takes risks, thinks ahead, and loves making way for new innovations. Over the past 20 years, he’s made it his business to turn disruptive concepts into emerging business models.  For him, it’s all about a passion to create a strategy and then drive it home to “get things done.” And as Cisco’s director of Innovation Programs and Strategy he has the opportunity to put this passion to the test on a regular basis.  This includes leading a team responsible for infusing co-innovation across Cisco's ecosystem. Cisco Innovation hubs in major cities around the world, for example, make up the Cisco Innovation Center Program, led by Alex. These hubs bring together customers, partners, startups, accelerators, governments, research communities, and universities in a lab setting. Their goal is to discover, develop, and implement game-changing, outcome-based solutions. Alex also heads up the Cisco Innovation Grand Challenges. These polished events help creative thinkers bring their technology ideas to life. And then there’s the Cisco Technology Radar, the company’s engine for identifying emerging technology transitions.

Alex began his Cisco journey in 2004 with a singular focus: Innovation. He defined and operationalized several high-profile Cisco initiatives, including the company’s Country Transformation plan for Cisco in Russia. He also held senior roles in Development, Marketing, Finance, and Channels, providing him a 360 view of how a great company ticks. Prior to Cisco, Alex was a successful consultant with extended assignments at Napster, Liquid Audio, IBM Global Services, and Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. Follow him on Twitter and connect with him on LinkedIn.

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