Andrew Lambert

Andrew is a Partner in Creelman Lambert, an international research company focusing on the effective governance of human capital. This includes the responsibilities of boards, executive management and HR, and the working relationship between them and with investors.
Andrew was until 2011 a Director (and co-founder) of the Corporate Research Forum, whose membership comprises some 110 large UK and international employers – from the public and private sectors – that collectively employ several million people. CRF undertakes research, forms policy, shapes good practice and enhances senior executive skills to meet the many challenges organisations currently face in developing effective structures, processes, cultures and ways of managing people.
Andrew has worked as a manager and a consultant for some 35 years, and also founded The Lambert Consultancy in 1990. This specialises in helping organisations and their management teams to manage change, chiefly by integrating their business strategy with the way they manage people and relationships, both internally and with key external audiences.
He was managing director of the change management consultancy People in Business for 6 years in the 1990s. Prior to that he co-founded Smythe Dorward Lambert, the UK market leader in internal communications consulting – having been a prime influence in the development of internal communications and employee surveys in the ‘80s – before which he was a director of Wolff Olins, the pre-eminent specialist in corporate identity consulting. Additionally, he ran communication functions for TSB Bank and for Midland Bank’s investment banking operations (Midland Montagu, now HSBC Investment Banking).
Andrew writes and lectures on organisational change, internal communications, organisational identity and branding, HR strategy, people measurement and research, performance improvement, career management and on the people aspects of mergers & acquisitions. He has advised over 80 organisations in his consulting career, and has coached a number of top executives and teams. From 2002-8 he was visiting Professor in internal communications at the University of Switzerland in Lugano.