Antony Cousins

Director of Customer Success, ProFinda

Director of Customer Success at ProFinda - Antony Cousins is an employee engagement and change management expert with 17 years experience in cultural change and digital employee engagement projects across professional services, construction, financial services, The British Army and The British Government. Over the last 3 years Ant has specialised in technology enabled employee data profiling projects for ProFinda.

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Turning Workforce Guesswork Into Talent Science Part 2: Ensuring Success

August 7, 2017 | Antony Cousins

In this Podcast, ProFinda Director of Customer Success Ant Cousins shares personal anecdotes of new solutions’ adoption and implementation. Learn where to start, how to embrace technology and its various forms of data management, and what frameworks enable success by listening to this podcast, which is the second part of ProFinda’s “Turning Workforce Guesswork Into Talent Science” series.