Armond Mertikian

Senior Associate, Psychological Skills for Professional Services

Armond has over twenty five years’ business experience, as a management consultant, venture capitalist, coach and trainer.

He has a broad knowledge across several industries with a focus on corporate venturing, digital technology and growth strategy, honed in organisations such as KPMG, DiamondCluster International and London Business School.

Armond is a senior associate with PSfPS, where he delivers and develops programmes to improve participants’ cognitive and behavioural skills to deal more effectively with complex business problems, increase their impact with senior clients, and improve their sales performance.

Armond has been interested in organisational and behavioural change throughout his career.

He started his consulting career at KPMG, where he became a founding member of the firm’s corporate venturing unit, which enabled enterprises to accelerate their growth into new markets through focused strategy, financial restructuring and above all, management alignment.

At DiamondCluster, Armond managed several major projects for the mobile telecoms industry in the UK, Spain, Portugal and South Africa. His role was to build consensus at the executive board level around business strategy and create the momentum to enable teams to implement the recommendations.

In his capacity as manager of the Business Planning Unit at London Business School, Armond advised companies through early growth stages and helped them raise over £100m in seed capital.

Over the last fifteen years, Armond has continued to consult, coach and train senior executives within global professional services firms.

He holds a degree in Economics and German and an MBA from London Business School.

Armond used to spend most of his free time listening to music, going to concerts and playing the guitar badly. Now he watches endless repeats of Kung Fu Panda with his young family.

Armond is also a qualified yoga instructor.