Bill Huffaker, Ph.D.

Global Director of Talent Management and Acquisition, General Motors

Bill is an expert in Global Talent Management and Talent Acquisition. He is passionate about designing forward-thinking talent strategies that transform corporate cultures, effect system-wide change, and optimize employee engagement and performance. Always the driver and never the passenger, Bill has achieved stellar results in a variety of high-profile, global companies that are undergoing significant change. Companies include General Motors, Google, Microsoft, and Visa.

Bill joined General Motors in November 2012 and is the head of Global Talent Management and Talent Acquisition. Based in Detroit, Michigan, Bill ensures that GM has a robust talent pipeline to meet the current and future business demands for talent at all levels in the Company.  Previously, Bill was with Google in Mountain View, California, where he led the global career development team. Bill was also a Director, Global Talent and Organizational Capability at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington and was the Head of Global Talent Planning at Visa in San Francisco.

Bill holds a Ph.D. and Master’s in Human and Organizational Systems and a Master’s in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. He and his spouse, Darin Severns, live in Birmingham, Michigan with their two dogs, Minnie and Canyon.

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