Boryana Dineva

Head of HRIS, Operations and Data Analytics, Tesla Motors

Boryana Dineva is leading the HR Analytics, HR Information Systems and HR Operation teams at Tesla. With a degree in economics from UC Berkeley, Boryana drove an innovative organizational design at Tesla that converges data warehousing, systems and data structures, predictive analytics, and the art of data presentation into an operational powerhouse. She was instrumental in building an analytics team at Tesla that has emerged as a proactive consulting force providing invaluable and actionable data to scale the company. The team has revolutionized the way the HR organization positions itself within the business by unleashing the power of people data. The Tesla HR analytics team is known for its agility, creativity, and strong practical insights. Because of those qualities, the team has been involved in a wide-ranging spectrum of initiatives across the company. The key in achieving the mass adoption by the business was to build a team with a diverse background and only one common trait: the love for numbers and trends. The team listens to the organization, tailors its approach to augment a diverse business population, and speaks the language of its audience. Being able to refine the data visualization approach to match the personality of the engineering, manufacturing, and business teams has helped the team become widely treasured at Tesla.