Brady Pyle

Director of Human Resources at NASA, Johnson Space Center - Houston

Brady Pyle is the Director of the Human Resources Office for NASA’s Johnson Space Center, responsible for leading a team of 100 civil servants and contractors to ensure NASA has the workforce capabilities for its Journey to Mars.

Specifically, Pyle’s team is responsible for attracting, retaining, and developing more than 3,000 civil servants—including Astronauts—who support the International Space Station and other human space flight programs. 

Pyle has served in a variety of management roles since 2005, including a 9-month stint as a front-line leader in Engineering and a leadership development assignment with the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation in Washington, D.C.

Brady is a native Texan—born and raised in Corpus Christi—who received his Master’s in HR Management from Texas A&M.  He and his wife, Jennifer have three kids:  Katy, Cody, and Tanner.  He learned the importance of balancing work responsibilities with his responsibility as a husband, father, and active church member from both his grandfather and father.

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