Carl Rhodes

CEO, Human Capital Institute (HCI)

Carl M. Rhodes is CEO of the Human Capital Institute. He is responsible for all company operations as well as the performance and integration of all HCI's business units and internal functions.

Prior to HCI, Mr. Rhodes was co-founder and general manager of Kairos Networks, a unique firm in the executive network and B2B shared content and consulting space. With joint responsibility for P&L, strategy, operations, and staff, Mr. Rhodes successfully launched new fee-based executive networks and designed, sold and executed consulting engagements for a diverse array of clients.

Prior to co-founding Kairos, Mr. Rhodes was a senior leader with the Corporate Executive Board, where he specialized in developing and scaling new products and services for networks of senior executives in general management, strategy, IT and HR. He successfully led efforts to transform the company's product and delivery strategy, moving beyond best practices research studies to an "integrated solutions" approach that combined large-scale proprietary data assets with original research and decision-support tools. As a result, many of the business units Mr. Rhodes managed or worked with became firm leaders in renewal rates, price increases, sales, and client satisfaction scores. His work has been cited in the Harvard Business Review, the Economist and the Washington Post, among other media outlets.

Prior to CEB, Mr. Rhodes was a professor of methodology and American politics at the University of Cincinnati. His work has appeared in leading academic journals, in a volume compiled and edited by a Nobel Laureate, and was competitively funded by the National Science Foundation.

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