Dan L. Ward

Chief Workforce Economist, The MITRE Corporation

Dan L. Ward is the senior human capital strategy advisor within the MITRE Corporation’s Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) for National Security Engineering.  In this role, he provides guidance on strategic workforce planning, organization design, people strategy, and change management activities. He provides advice and counsel to U.S. government agencies.  

Danny earned his bachelor’s degree in social science and his master’s in workforce/human capital economics from the University of North Texas. Prior to joining MITRE in 2007, he held senior level roles in HR, knowledge management, and strategic planning at GTE, Texaco, and EDS. One-third of the Fortune 100 companies have sought his counsel on advanced people strategies.  He started his career as a management scientist developing workforce simulation studies for AT&T/Western Electric/Bell Labs.

 Fortune, Business Week, the Wall Street Journal, and Work in America Institute studies have referenced Ward’s cost-benefit studies on alternate staffing strategies. He was the senior editor of AMACOM’s 2013 book:  Positioned: Strategic Workforce Planning that Gets the Right Person in the Right Job. Danny also served as the senior editor for Best Practices in Human Resource Forecasting and Modeling, which was a popular people strategy college textbook in the late 1990s.  

Mr. Ward is an award-winning photographer and has published four photography books.  During his misspent youth, he traveled the world, playing guitar in the US Navy rock band, Fly in the Soup and trumpet in the US Navy jazz band, the Ambassadors.

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