Dave Mendoza

Global Talent Acquisition Strategies and Innovation Consultant, Informatica

Dave’s thought leadership introduced the concept of 'Talent Mapping' using business intelligence methodologies and was an early adoptor and evangelist to social recruitment. His research utilizing Big Data principles has introduced the broad implications of Social Data API convergence, business intelligence as a service, and retaining organizational intellectual property through the application of a Talent Knowledge Library.
In summary, he has conceived of a 'Futurecasting' metholodogy - the high-impact concept that could transform the business of recruiting.
"Futurecasting" is a NoSql, fully cloud-based, open-source utility and, concurrently, leverages Big Social Data to yield real-time, easily updated, dynamic candidate records that accurately predict where and how future and current job candidates are likely to perform best.
The promise of social data API's, specifically, - and the way they can potentially be harvested - could see hiring practices finally start to match the huge strides achieved by leading proponents in sales and marketing.
As the field of social data becomes broader, Fortune 500 companies will increasingly equip their organizations with tools that consolidate the experience and navigation capabilities of today’s social platforms; offering context and relationship to issues of skills and career progression within search results.
We seek an opportunity to share promising concepts that are developing that will likely drive social data partnerships to serve as the new engine for tomorrow’s talent acquisition organizations within Corporate America.
As an Evangelist & Innovation thought leader, he has addressed both organizational and vendor-centric setbacks to achieving true efficiency within talent data. In addition, has outlined both human and technology takeaways that hold the most potential for enhancing critical high technology hiring in the 21st century
Dave has initiated a call to action for talent acquisition organizations; and the vendors who supply them, to drive enhancements and innovations to foster the creation of a new paradigm

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