David Ryan

Finance Manager, Portion Pack Manufacturing, Keurig Green Mountain

David Ryan joined Keurig Green Mountain in 2011 and was tasked with introducing workforce planning to the organization. Over the following two years, he strengthened analytical capabilities of the HR organization and substantiated the business case for workforce planning at Keurig Green Mountain. Drawing from core elements of established teams, David developed an approach to workforce planning and analytics that met the unique and evolving needs of the company. One of several key accomplishments during his tenure was developing a flexible workforce strategy to address growing seasonality within the portion pack manufacturing business. His work as the workforce planning leader led to a role as a Finance Manager, where he oversees financial planning and analysis for a network of eight manufacturing sites across North America. In addition to his financial responsibilities, he remains a thought leader on manufacturing labor strategy and helps to identify and drive labor productivity within the manufacturing organization. Prior to joining Keurig Green Mountain, David worked for Husky Injection Molding systems, a Canadian-based manufacturing business. During his tenure with Husky, David held roles in Engineering, Operations, Marketing, and Finance. David holds a B.S. Mechanical Engineering and M.B.A, both from the University of Vermont.

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Agile Workforce Planning for an Evolving Company

March 5, 2015 | David Ryan

In many industries, the pace of change is such that your workforce plan could be out of date before you finish drafting it. In such an environment, workforce planning must find a way to plan for the future but respond with alacrity when ...

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