Edwin Lohmann, PhD

Business Unit Director, Workforce Planning Group, Quintiq

Edwin Lohmann is the business unit director for the workforce planning group in North America at Quintiq, a global leader in supply chain planning and optimization (SCP&O) solutions. In his role, Edwin leads a team of dedicated professionals who work with customers to implement Quintiq’s workforce optimization solution to boost employee productivity while improving employee satisfaction.

He completed his doctoral studies at Tilburg University. In his dissertation, “Joint decision making and cooperative solutions”, Edwin’s research addressed how costs sharing is attributed to companies that are working together to incentivize cooperation and reward the parties that bring the most to the table.

Edwin also earned two Master’s degree from Tilburg – the first in econometrics and operations research and the second in business, specializing in operations research. In addition to his passion for workforce planning, he is enjoys the swim, cycle, and run components of triathlon competitions.

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Workforce Planning and Optimization: Optimizing Personnel to Maximize Profits

May 28, 2015 | Edwin Lohmann

Optimizing your workforce means allocating the right resources to tasks based on employees’ skills, availability and preferences while respecting regulations and labor agreements. These operational challenges get very complex, very quickly. Join Edwin Lohmann, PhD, Director of Business Unit Workforce, North America at Quintiq for an engaging discussion on how you can overcome the complexities of workforce planning and scheduling to gain full visibility and control over your entire workforce processes.