Elaine Page

Vice President HR & Chief People Innovation Officer, Northwell Health

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Strategies for Driving Engagement at Every Part of the Employee Experience

How do you boost engagement and drive behavior in a 66,000 strong audience of health care professionals? You start a conversation. That's what Northwell Health have done. The employee engagement strategy, led by Elaine Page, Chief People Innovation Officer, did just that. They're a little over a year in and have seen some fantastic results. A 17% increase in employee engagement since 2016, 37% reduction in cost per hire, and they've just achieved 13th place on the 2018 Fortune Best Companies to work for in Health Care and Biopharma.

Hear from Elaine on the strategies she implemented to ensure everyone was part of the conversation. She'll share how a truly employee led implementation and a uniquely honest engagement plan touched every aspect of employee experience, right through from hire to retire.

You will learn:

How to integrate an employee-built EVP that guides behavior and drives culture
How to start a viral conversation with a hard to reach ...

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