Ellen Nix

Special Assistant/Special Project Manager COI Program Manager Admin/Visual Information & Public Affairs, United States Marine Corps (USMC)

Mrs. Nix was born in St. Albans New York.  She is the daughter of an Army Air Corps Captain who served in the Korean Conflict and World War II; upon completion of ten years of service he became a History teacher for 25 years. 
Mrs. Nix joined the United States Marine Corps in June 1969 and spent 4 years on active duty at Headquarters Marine Corps, Arlington, VA.  She was married 30 October 1971 to Sgt. James A. Nix, who was stationed at Marine Barrack Washington D.C. and completed her tour of duty on 5 June 1971.  She has been around the Marine Corps for over 42 years and worked for Marine Corps Systems Command for 13 years in Acquisition Logistics.  She has served as the Assistant Program Manager for Logistics for Program Manager Test, Measurement and Diagnostics Equipment for the 3 years and is responsible for formulating, coordinating and implementing a comprehensive Acquisition Logistics programs for all ground test equipment in the Marine Corps. Ms. Nix reported to HQMC, Installation and Logistics, Life Cycle Management Branch on 5 March 2006 as the Deputy Section Head for LPC-1.  During her tenure at LPC she was responsible for formulating, coordination and developing a comprehensive requirement team in support of the Advocate Section.  As the logistics representative for HQMC, she served on highly complex cross-functional teams and working groups at the HQMC, DON, and OSD level. She was the Human Capital Strategic Planning and Community of Interest Logistics Manager for Civilian Marines at Installations &Logistics.  She contributed to defining the strategic vision of logistics competencies, training and education for the future Civilian Marines Logisticians in support of the warfighter. Mrs. Nix reported to Headquarters Marine Corps, Administration and Resource Management Division in January 2009 to present and is the Special Assistant/Special Project Manager to the Director of the Division.  She is the Community of Interest (COI) Manager's for Administration and Visual Information and Public Affairs. She is responsible for Human Capital Strategic Planning and development for the Marine Corps Civilian's within the two communities.
Mrs. Nix has an AA degree in Business from Trident Technological College, Charleston, South Carolina, and a BS degree in Liberal Arts from SUNY, New York, and a Master of Science degree in Management/Logistics from Florida Institute of Technology.  She is a graduate of the Defense Acquisition Management College, and Certified at Level III in DIAWA Acquisition Logistics and Program Management.