Eric Termuende

Co-Founder, NoW Innovations

Eric is a thought leader on optimizing workplace culture, the future of work, and engagement in the workplace. An entrepreneur and bestselling author of Rethink Work, Eric is the co-founder of NoW Innovations, an organization that democratizes access to the most innovative people, culture and operational practices for HR. He dispels generational groupings to help organizations re-humanize and gain more out of their workforce. Eric’s actionable takeaways help organizations drive engagement through connection and trust.

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Workplace Cultures: Optimized is the New 'Best'

June 4, 2019 | Eric Termuende

Discover why employee engagement in an optimized workplace occurs when people do their best work when they can just be, and why recognition in an optimized workplace is a moving target, and easy to hit when people and patterns are understood.