Ethan Bloomfield

Vice President, Bayard Labs, Bayard Advertising

Ethan has been a leader in recruiting and recruitment technology since developing the first ever Applicant Tracking System (ATS) with automated personality assessments built in, in 2003. Total-APS was successful installed more than 150 times before Ethan left the company to join JobTarget the largest and most successful niche Job Board platform and advertising job distribution platform. It was at JobTarget that Ethan began his long and successful relationship with Bayard Advertising, who was his first, and largest partner. During their time, together Ethan and Bayard distributed job advertisements for more than 100 clients, and hundreds of thousands of jobs. After growing JobTarget from a 10-person start-up to a 100+ person industry leader, Ethan joined in the earliest days of ZipRecruiter’s story. At the time ZipRecruiter was a 20 person, life-style business that he helped grow into one of the most successful recruitment technology companies in history.

In 2016 Ethan decided to launch the consulting firm VitalFew and helped 30+ organizations implement strategies to grow and improve their organizations. 2 of those organizations were purchased by industry juggernauts while under Ethan’s guidance. In 2016 launched start-up sales and marketing automation platform which lead him to a game changing discovery.

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