Humera Malik

Senior Director, EA University at Electronic Arts

Humera’s commitment to the belief that individuals can have a significant impact on organizations and communities started as a teenager.  This is when she attended a youth leadership program that led her to the California State Capital, where she stood before the State Board of education to talk about the connection between leadership, education and its impact on the local community.
Throughout her career, Humera has focused on individuals and their ability to influence change in an organization and create a powerful employee experience. Humera spent many years in HR consulting, working in a diverse set of industries and geographies primarily focused on designing and deploying leadership development and talent engagement initiatives. 
Humera’s inner geek got the best of her when she had an opportunity to join Electronic Arts, a video game developer, in a dynamic, fast-paced and rapidly changing industry. Her time at EA has allowed her to build on her consulting experience and go deep in multiple areas surrounding the employee lifecycle. Almost every role started with a blank piece of paper and an opportunity to build something new from individual learning experiences to global organizational change initiatives. Along the way, she has worked to build a strong foundation in all aspects of talent management, including leadership development, organizational change, performance management and employee engagement. Humera has a pragmatic approach and doesn’t worry about best practice, but rather at finding the right practice, delivered at the right time for the best business result.