Jacklyn Felix

L&D Manager, Dollar Shave Club

Jacklyn began her career in education as an elementary and middle school teacher before venturing into the world of adult learning. She has designed curricula for the Center for Disease Control, California Department Public Health and McGraw-Hill as well as worked in training and development for organizations such as Planned Parenthood and Johnny Rockets.

At Dollar Shave Club, Jacklyn heads up the People Team’s learning and development efforts. Since joining in 2015, she has helped implement training programs for the customer engagement team and is expanding the development opportunities offered to the world class talent at DSC.  

Jacklyn holds a degree in Education and Master’s degree in Educational Technology from San Diego State University. She’s a native Southern Californian, now living in Los Angeles as close to DSC as possible to avoid the well-known and universally dreaded LA traffic.

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Aligning Employee Goals in a Fast-Changing Business

September 27, 2017 | Nicole Hopkins, Jacklyn Felix

Explore why goals enable better coaching conversations between managers and employees, how to make goals visible and easily communicated throughout the organization, and the results of individuals taking control of their goal management, setting short term, long term, and personal goals.