Jeff Buchmiller

Workforce Analytics Manager, Alliance Data

Jeff Buchmiller is the Workforce Analytics Manager at Alliance Data, North America's largest and most comprehensive provider of transaction-based, data-driven marketing and loyalty solutions.  Alliance Data has grown into a $3 billion enterprise over its 15 years of existence, and it now includes the three lines of business Private-Label Credit Services, Epsilon, and LoyaltyOne.  Alliance Data employs 9,000 associates in the United States, Canada, and around the world.
Previously, Jeff worked at EDS for 18 years then at HP for 3 years in a wide range of R&D, Software Engineering, IT Services Consulting, Corporate Innovation, Data Architect, and HR roles.
What Jeff does best is to build solutions that link aspects of the business, information management, and academic / consulting worlds.  Such analytical solutions enable business leaders to make better-informed decisions based on the evidence of the organization’s information systems as well as external data, trends, and research.