Jim Delgaldo

Business Systems Analyst, iCIMS

Jim joined the iCIMS team as a Sr. Business System Analyst in July of 2012 and now has over eight years of experience in every facet of the Software Development Life-Cycle (SDLC), including six years of experience specifically within the SaaS space. While he has primarily spent his time as a traditional Business Systems Analyst, he also served as a Business Intelligence Developer, Help Desk Analyst, and Systems Administrator. In fact, some of his prior career engagements included specifically designing and developing Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, including spending four months developing an entire BI offering for a consulting firm.  Jim also holds a Business Intelligence certification and was part of the development team at iCIMS that designed and rolled out iCIMS’ mobile career portals.  Jim has also been credited and quoted on several recruiting related publications and is a regular presenter at the iCIMS Hire Expectation Institute Roadshows.

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Webcastpredictive analytics

Predictive Analytics: Optimize Your Candidate Experience

May 28, 2015 | John Blowers, Jim Delgaldo

Did you know that the top reasons behind a negative candidate experience are completely preventable? By implementing predictive analytics into your candidate experience, you can create a tailored and strategic approach to attracting and retaining talent that will positively impact your bottom line.