Joe DeLoss

Head Fryer and Founder, Hot Chicken Takeover

Joe DeLoss is a serial social entrepreneur focused on building transformational brands for transformational people. He has spent the last decade building profitable businesses providing employment opportunities for men and women affected by incarceration, homelessness, or other complex symptoms of poverty.

His most recent success, Hot Chicken Takeover, is a fast-casual restaurant chain taking over the Midwest. The business has earned critical acclaim as a break out brand in the segment and has created hundreds of meaningful work opportunities in the region.

Joe’s passion for sustainable change has also created inextricable value for the businesses he’s built and advised. Hot Chicken Takeover boasts retention rates three times it’s industry, creating continuity for the team and guests alike. The key? Joe designed HR processes that deeply invest in his team’s development, something uncharacteristic of most entry-level work environments. From matched savings programs to professional development to financial planning and beyond, Joe believes investments in a person’s personal stability yield professional success.

Joe’s dedication to fair-chance hiring, social entrepreneurship, and vulnerable leadership has allowed him to impact the lives of thousands of people. As Joe continues to build, he is sharing his story with national audiences across the country – including The Today Show, Forbes, Harvard Business School, Politico, the Rachael Ray Show and more.

Joe has also served as an adjunct instructor at the Fisher College of Business and the John Glenn School of Public Affairs and has maintained seats on several boards.

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