Julian Stodd

Consultant & Author, Sea Salt Learning

Julian Stodd is a writer and consultant on the Social Age. He specialises in exploring learning design, the role of communities, social collaborative technology and social leadership. Author of eight books, including 'Exploring the World of Social Learning', and 'The Social Leadership Handbook', and over a thousand articles and blog posts, Julian works on strategy and delivery with many global organisations. You can find his latest writing at www.julianstodd.wordpress.com. Julian is the founder of Sea Salt Learning, where he helps organisations get fit for the Social Age. Clients include financial services, military, manufacturing and petrochemical, as well as healthcare and charity. Julian splits his time between writing and working around the world, exploring the strategy and implementation of learning, leadership and cultural change. With a deep interest in how technology facilitates learning and how it helps us to collaborate, Julian has also exhibited his photos and paintings and retains a passion for creative expression.

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Scaffolded Social Learning in Action

May 25, 2016 | Julian Stodd

Examine a fundamental shift in learning mindset, where L&D relinquishes control of the story, while shaping the overall narrative. All this in the name of helping people perform better.