Juliana Stancampiano

CEO, Oxygen Exp

Juliana Stancampiano is a business leader and strategist focused on helping business leaders and their teams adapt, grow, and excel in support of their CEO’s growth agenda. She has more than 15 years of experience in engineering valuable and memorable learning experiences that translate the sales and business strategy into measurable behavior change.

Juliana collaborates with client teams to help sellers improve and succeed across each point in the productivity lifecycle — hiring, onboarding, and ongoing development. Working with Juliana, leaders in sales and other large business functions are able to design, deploy, and reinforce learning interactions required to accelerate sales performance, delight customers and improve other business outcomes.

Juliana partners with clients in large companies across major industries. She is a published author in Chief Learning Officer Magazine, Training Industry, Talent Development Magazine and the Huffington Post. Prior to her role as CEO of Oxygen, Juliana worked across the Europe, Middle East and Africa when she was based in Munich and London.  She holds a Business degree from Southern Methodist University.

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