KimArie Yowell

Vice President of Talent Development, Quicken Loans

KimArie joined the QL team in 2013 and is the VP of Talent Development. In her current role she is responsible for leading her team to create sustainable and holistic development programs for all team members. This includes the onboarding process, team member development, organizational development, organizational engagement, and leadership development. She has more than 20 years of experience in client service, sales, and corporate education, focused on ensuring organizations were successful. She has an intense passion for the development of people and helping them achieve their true potential. She firmly believes that one’s ability to effectively lead their team members and make an impact rests on their ability to be inclusive, build trust, and create a dynamic and high performing team. She holds a BA in Business from Wayne State University, a MBA from the University of Phoenix, and a MSA from the University of Texas.

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