Laura Seamans

VP of Organizational Effectiveness, ACT

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The Impact of Continuous Performance Management on Three Early Adopters

Traditional performance management is linear. The emphasis is on the process and is treated as such by everyone involved, including HR, managers, employees, and executives. A box is checked and everyone quickly moves on to business as usual until the next year’s annual cycle begins again. Our panelists have shifted the focus from PROCESS to PEOPLE through their transition to continuous performance management.  But with a greater stake in their own development, how have employee behaviors changed? 

We will share the implications this had on elevating everyone’s role in driving better business results. Our panelists will answer the most pressing questions about adopting a continuous performance management approach.
You will learn:

How performance transformation impacted the structure and skillsets of the HR organization
The data that allows you to make more calculated talent decisions
The proven approach that helps managers become better ...

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