Mahmoud Mansi

HCI Faculty

Mahmoud Mansi is the founder of HR Revolution Middle East Magazine. He is
a dedicated HR innovation laborer and passionate CSR activist with 360° HR
experience, including work as a bilingual consultant, trainer, MBA lecturer,
HR blogger, practitioner, business journalist, researcher, and HR auditor.

As a consultant, Mahmoud has delivered human capital solutions across the
GCC to ministries, corporate and government sectors, NGOs, and startups.

As a trainer, Mahmoud has worked with Generations X, Y, and Z as well as
children, students, refugees, HR professionals, and senior HR leaders.

As a researcher, Mahmoud has interviewed HR leaders and young
entrepreneurs over the past two years to inform the development of his own
agile consulting and management models. He explores his findings in detail
in his book Sustaining a 360° Agile Workplace: A Millennial Perspective.

Mahmoud is a dedicated HCI partner who is currently managing a large
project to translate HCI certification programs into Arabic for delivery
across the Middle East. He has participated in sHRBP, SWP, CMHR, ATM,
and CEP and has written reviews and summaries on each program.

Mahmoud earned a B.A. in Accounting & Financial Management in addition
to an MBA Degree in Marketing Research from the Arab Academy for
Science, Technology and Maritime Transport. Mahmoud is also certified in
GLA360, PAPI3, Six Sigma Master Black Belt, and Chief Happiness Officer.

You can watch and listen to Mahmoud’s TEDx Talks in Arabic discussing
Human Resources & Sustainable Development, through the following:
TEDxYouth@Alexandria 2011, TEDxAASTMT 2015, TEDxSmouha 2016,
TEDxGUC 2016.