Mark R. Rose, Ph.D.

Dr. Mark R. Rose is a Senior Research Psychologist with the US Air Force Personnel Center Headquarters (HQ AFPC). He received his Ph.D. in industrial-organizational psychology from the University of South Florida in 1997. His research focuses on pilot selection, personality and ability measurement, research methods (multilevel models, weighting schemes), and adverse impact. His recent research includes a review of unmanned aircraft selection practices across services, an investigation of the relative validity of distinct spatial abilities for predicting pilot performance, and early identification of unmanned aircraft pilots using measures of personality and aptitude. Dr. Rose’s work has been instrumental in making enhancements to the US Air Force’s procedures and methods for selecting candidates into manned and unmanned aircraft pilot training programs. His role involves occupational needs analysis, test development and validation, and serving as a technical advisor to Air Force leaders on pilot selection system implementation and associated policies. Prior to the Air Force, Dr. Rose was a Research Director with Pearson, where he developed and validated selection and assessment tools. In addition to his full-time position, Dr. Rose is currently adjunct faculty in the graduate I-O program at St. Mary's University-SA, where he teaches courses on Employment Law and Group Dynamics.

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