Melissa Bowler

Executive Director, Providence Improv Guild (P.I.G.)

I Make Comedy! Sometimes alone, often with friends. It's a great life. I am the Executive Director of this amazing improv training school and venue, the Providence Improv Guild, PIG for short. I also run my own consulting business that trains professional-types improv comedy to make them better communicators and managers. With this business, I have been able to work with businesses and universities all over the US including: Bryn-Mawr, Tufts, Paytronix, Bryant, Baylor, AT&T, and more.  During the day, I role play with med students and medical professionals to help them be better providers. Women and Infants Hospital hired me as their resident actor to perform and help write their medical simulations. On top of that, I am a single mom to this incredible little boy named Luc. He's the best.