Melissa Hooven

Executive Director of Talent Acquisition, Yellow Pages

Melissa Hooven is YP’s Executive Director of Talent Acquisition.  She oversees all the recruitment for YP’s nationwide business. Prior Melissa was at Cornerstone OnDemand as Senior Director of Global Talent Acquisition.  Her job was to refined the company's approach to global recruiting -- no small feat in light of the company's remarkable growth over the last few years. She is noted as of the highest producing and most reputable recruiters in the Technology eco-system. Melissa has deep experience in running a full-cycle recruitment practice, working in growing company environments and driving effective technology recruitment and executive search strategies.

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10 Secrets to Recruiting the Brightest Grads & Millennials

Never mind the swag! Think employer brand, potential, career development and transparency when going after grads. Learn why "work ethic" and "potential" often trump simple job application requisites like "college major" and "GPA," why you should tap current employees as brand ambassadors, and why responding to every applicant pays off whether you hire them or not.